St Thomas' Church Of England Primary School

St Thomas' Church Of England Primary School

School re-opens on Tuesday 20th February 2024 at 8.45am. Wishing all our families a lovely half term break. **** School disco tokens and tickets are still available on Parent Pay

St Thomas' Road, Lytham St. Annes, Lancashire, FY8 1JN

01253 722022


Teacher: Mr Swift
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Fox

Our Gospel Value is: Self-control


Pupil Leaders: 

Our School Councillors: Tabitha and Ruby

Our Eco Warriors: Daisy and Henry 

Our SHINE Councillors: Oliver and Erika 

Our link Governor is: Simon Nield 


Helpful Information:

  • Reading books will be changed on Friday.
  • Reading records (and spellings) are needed in school every day.
  • Library book changing day is Thursday.
  • PE days are Wednesday and Friday - come in PE kits ready for these lessons.

  • Spelling test & Maths test weekly on Friday.

  • Log-ons for all learning platforms are in the front of your child's reading diary.

  • Musical instruments - bring in for lessons and take home after lessons. These will take place on Monday each week.

  • Healthy snacks - if your child does not have morning toast, they may bring in a healthy snack. 

  • Water bottles - children will need a water bottle in school each day. This must contain water - no juice or flavoured water. Please return these daily after washing.  

Looking ahead:

  • Borwick Hall residential trip dates are Monday 1st - Friday 5th July.

  • We will be in Forest School in the Summer Term - bring your wellies in please! 

  • Bikeability sessions will take place in the Spring Term - if you have a bike you can bring one in.

Autumn Term message from Mr Swift: 

Welcome to Year 6! I am very excited to have joined the team here and work with a wonderful group of children. We have had an excellent start to the year so far! 

Please have a look at our 'fridge words' linked below. These words are based on the vocabulary we are exploring within our history and science lessons this term. How many of these can you learn? Put them on your fridge as a reminder!

Please look at the documents below for more details on what is to follow.

If you have any questions - please do ask! 

Mr Swift 

Year 6 Blog

Five loaves and two fish - all for Y6

year6 teacher (R.Swift) on: Year 6 Blog

Year One have been listening to the story of Jesus feeding five thousand people. They tried to share five loaves of bread and two fish with the 30 children in Y6 and barely had enough for them to share! Year 6 - thanks for being great sports and fabulous examples to our younger children.  

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Brilliant Bakers

year6 teacher (R.Swift) on: Year 6 Blog

What a great time our Y6 children had following a recipe and making their own bread as part of a DT project. This followed a 'Food for Life' research project where children looked at saturated and unsaturated fats. The children learnt about foods in moderation, healthy and unhealthy choices too. The bread filled school with the most delicious smell!

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Superb Space Artwork in the Lytham Gallery

year6 teacher (R.Swift) on: Year 6 Blog

Our amazing artwork has been chosen to be on display in the Lytham Heritage Art display during February. This work was inspired by our Moon Week and we used a range of media to create our imaginative space pictires. Can you see how we have smudged the chalks to create effects and how we created light and shade within the planets and stars? 

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Y5 & Y6 Cookery Club

year6 teacher (R.Swift) on: Year 6 Blog

Last week in cookery club with Mr Swift we made vegetable fajitas. We learned how to use a knife to prepare vegetable safely and how to cook on a stove! The fajitas smelled delicious and  they tasted great too! 

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Y6 - Bridge designers, architects and builders!

year6 teacher (R.Swift) on: Year 6 Blog

Over the past few weeks Y6 have been taking part in a project all about bridges in their Design and Technology lessons. We have been researching, comparing and discussing different types of bridges. We have been thinking about why and where they are used. Y6 had to design a prototype and build a bridge of their choice. They tested it's effectiveness (strength) by seeing how many coins it could hold.  Great investigating Y6! Challenge - how many famous bridge designers do you know? 

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