St Thomas' Church Of England Primary School

St Thomas' Church Of England Primary School

Kindness - Friendship - Thankfulness - Honesty - Peace - Respect - Self-control - Love

St Thomas' Road, Lytham St. Annes, Lancashire, FY8 1JN

01253 722022

Year 2

Teacher: Miss Warburton
Teaching Assistants: Mrs Kelly & Mrs Riley

Our Gospel Value is: Thankfulness


Pupil Leaders: 

Our School Councillors: Emily & Thomas

Our Eco Warriors: Dexter & Isla

Our SHINE Councillors: Benjamin & Kenna-Jae

 Our link Governor: Sarah Sumner


Helpful Information:

  • Reading books will be changed on a Friday

  • Reading records are needed in school every day

  • Library book changing day is Wednesday

  • PE days are Monday and Friday - come in PE kits ready for these lessons. Please note that jewellery and accessories (e.g. watches, hair bows) must not be worn on a PE day due to safety reasons.

  • Spelling test weekly on Friday

  • Homework is given out every Friday to be completed and returned by the following Thursday

  • Log-ons for Times Tables Rock Stars and Nessy are on the front of your child's reading record

  • Healthy snacks - if your child does not have morning toast, they may bring in a healthy snack 

  • Water bottles - children will need a water bottle in school each day. This must contain water - no juice or flavoured water. Please make sure water bottles are clearly named and are returned daily after washing.

Looking ahead:

  • School re-opens for Summer Term on Monday 8th April. Please be in school before five to nine. The Year 2 team look forward to hearing about all of your Easter festivities! 
  • Parents and carers are invited to join Year 2 in class for Wonderful Tuesday on 23rd April 2:30-3:15pm. Each child may have one parent/carer to come and join in with our learning and to see the wonderful things we get up to in Year 2. We look forward to seeing you then! 
  • Year 2 will be visiting Church on Monday 17th June as part of 'Experience Church' run by Elizabeth and Joy. This will be an inciteful opportunity for us to learn more about the parts of the church and the symbolism found within it, all linking to our RE learning.
  • KS1 Sports Day will be held on Tuesday 18th June 9:30-11am (weather permitting!).
  • Year 2 will be taking their End of Key Stage 1 Assessments throughout June. We have been preparing for these in class and will have had three practises prior to the assessments in June. I have put a link to the information from the End of KS1 Assessment Parents Meeting below. If you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to ask.


Summer Term message from Miss Warburton: 

Welcome back to Year 2 after Easter half term! I hope you all had a lovely break celebrating this wonderful time of year. I am really looking forward to Summer half term, as the sun begins to shine and the birds begin to sing their songs. We will be busy doing lots of new learning, including with visitors and parents too.  Our main learning theme will be 'Magnificent Monarchs' with a focus on History learning. In July, we will even have a special visit from Mr Worrell to help us with our learning all about monarchs - how exciting!

Throughout our maths learning journey in Year 2, it is essential that we become confident with the times tables. Can you count in 2s, 5s and 10s? We are working on practising times tables by saying "One 2 is 2, two 2s are 4, three 2s are 6" and so on... An extra challenge is to start to remember the 3s times tables. Fractions will be one of our focuses this half term so your times tables will be very useful here too. Towards the end of the term, we will be learning all about time. I wonder if you can begin reading an analogue clock in 15 minute increments? That would give you an impressive head start with our learning!

Please take a look at the fridge words linked below. These words are based on the vocabulary we are exploring within our topic and science lessons. Can you learn some of these Wow words?

I have also put a link to the Year 1 and Year 2 Common Exception Words below. These are words that all children are expected to be able to spell by the end of Year 2. It is important that we practise these words as they are commonly spelt incorrectly meaning that we may find them a little bit trickier to remember. How many can you already spell?

Please have a look at the documents below so you know exactly what we will be learning this term.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask - I am always happy to help! 

Miss Warburton

Year 2 Blog

Terrific Beach Huts!

year2 teacher (K.Warburton) on: Year 2 Blog


The children in Year Two have been making beach huts as part of their Design Technology lessons.  The children looked at lots of different existing designs and then design a beach hut that is strong and attractive to users. The children had to evaluate their beach huts. Is your beach hut strong? Does it have a wooden frame? Is it colourful and attractive? Is your cutting and gluing neat and tidy? Terrific DT Y2! 

Measuring, measuring and more measuring!

year2 teacher (K.Warburton) on: Year 2 Blog

Before the Easter break, our maths learning was focused around measuring capacity and mass. We did lots of practical learning, practising measuring in grams, kilograms, millilitres and litres. Year 2 now know how important it is that we measure accurately and precisely, making sure that our scales are set to exactly 0g/kg before weighing an object and that we must place our measuring containers on a flat surface. We used key mathematical vocabulary such as mass, weight, capacity and volume. 

Junk modelling in Brilliant Book Club

year2 teacher (K.Warburton) on: Year 2 Blog

During our last session of Brilliant Book Club, the children were challenged to design and build a boat as part of the Brilliant Book Awards competition. The children worked in groups to make their own boat for one of the characters in the nominated books we have read, all out of recycling and craft materials. We chose one boat to represent our Year 2 class in the Lancashire Library Service competition but it was such a hard decision as they were all so innovative, creative and perfect for the characters in our favourite books! A big well done to everyone in Brilliant Book Club.

Planting in the Polytunnel

year2 teacher (K.Warburton) on: Year 2 Blog


It was wonderful to have lots of our parents and carers with us for Wonderful Wednesday this week to celebrate Science in Year 2! We spent the afternoon being 'green fingered' and planted two types of seedling. Our investigation was all about finding out what plants need to grow and survive. We placed our seedlings in four different environments: in the dark with no water, in the dark with water, in light with no water and in light with water. The children will observe which conditions the seedlings grow most healthily in. We can't wait to see them in bloom!

Germination station!

year2 teacher (K.Warburton) on: Year 2 Blog

In Science, we have been learning about seed germination. We conducted an investigation to test what conditions seeds need in order to germinate. We placed cress seeds in tubs and labelled half of the tubs with 'water' and half without. Over the course of this week, we have been watering those labelled 'water'. After observing the seeds (despite it being quite a slow process!), we have discovered that seeds need warmth and water in order to germinate. The children also got the opportunity to use some special microscopes to closely look at the seeds - many children said they looked like nuts or rocks! We have been recording our observations and we can't wait to watch the seeds continue to grow.