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St Thomas' Church Of England Primary School

Reception - 8 45am to 3pm, Year 1 - 9am to 3 15pm, Year 6 - 9 15am to 3 30pm

HonestyKindnessLovePeacePerseveranceRespectSelf ControlThankfulness

       Hi everyone, hope you are all staying safe. If you have any questions please email me on

YeaR 6 

MIss meredith - tEACHER

Mrs Johnston (TA) - Class support AM

Mrs Riley (TA) - Class support PM

Mrs Sayer - Class support PM

Viv Willder - Class Governor

Welcome to the Year 6 page, where throughout the year we will be adding lots of useful information and documents to help support your child's learning. The children have made an amazing start to the year and have absolutely risen to the challenge of being the top class of the school. Parents - you should be proud of each and every one of them! 

During our first week the children have sat the 2016 SATs and their results are FANTASTIC!

Every single child should be very proud of themselves!


Hi everyone, here is the work for week commencing 6.7.20.

I have also had the link to the work Miss Lavelle from LSA mentioned in the zoom meeting. Please see below.



Follow this direct page link -



Click the tab/title called 'Transition Booklets' and the ‘Academic transition booklet’ is there. You can click on the document and it will open a view in the webpage or there's an option to download it.


If you want to concentrate on this work that is fine...or... you could do both :)


We have also had the following sent from RNLI - click on the blue writing for the resource packs.

Throughout the summer term, our local team of trained volunteers and Lifeguards do their best to visit as many of the schools, colleges and youth groups in our region as possible. However, due to the ongoing corona virus outbreak we have not been able to engage with school communities as we normally would.  

Below, you will find out ways in which you can help at this time. 

·        Download and use our Education resource packEducating young people about how to keep safe, in on and around water is fundamental to saving lives at sea and a core part of the RNLI’s water safety activity. This term we have put together two downloadable packs of resources focusing on keeping safe this Summer. This will help your teams engage young people with essential – and lifesaving – water safety lessons in schools and as part of home school packs.  

·        Share a link to our Water Safety from Home resources - If you’re a parent or teacher looking for ways to engage, educate and entertain your children at home, play our Water Safety Wednesday series – perfect for primary school-aged children.  

·        Please help by sharing the RNLI & MCA’s Beach Safety Campaign with parents, guardians and your wider network. Beach lifeguards cannot be everywhere this summer – it is vital every one of us takes responsibility for our own, and our families’, safety.


summer 2 week 5

 Hearts challenge (1).pdfDownload
 Lesson 1 - Introducing the ratio symbol.pdfDownload
 Lesson 1 Answers - Solve two-step equations 2019.pdfDownload
 Lesson 2 - Calculating ratio.pdfDownload
 Lesson 2 Answers - Find pairs of values (2) 2019.pdfDownload
 Lesson 3 - Using scale factors.pdfDownload
 Lesson 3 Answers - Convert metric measures 2019.pdfDownload
 Lesson 4 - Ratio and proportion problems.pdfDownload
 Lesson 4 Answers - Miles and kilometres 2019.pdfDownload
 Year 3- 6 Stay at Home Programme Brochure Week 10.pdfDownload
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Summer 2 Week 4

 English Wk 10 Space.pdfDownload
 Last week answers The first quadrant.pdfDownload
 Last weeks answers Four quadrants 2019.pdfDownload
 Last weeks answers Reflections 2019.pdfDownload
 Last weeks answers Translations 2019.pdfDownload
 Lesson 1 - Solve two-step equations 2019.pdfDownload
 Lesson 2 - Find pairs of values (2) 2019.pdfDownload
 Lesson 3 - Convert metric measures 2019.pdfDownload
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Just wanted you to see the year 6 classroom before you arrive on Thursday. It just looks the same only fewer desks...nothing to worry about. The corridors are the same, just with yellow tape on the floor to show you where to stand. We are lucky as we won't even have to leave our end of the school. You will come with your parents and follow the one way system around school. It will all be straightforward when you arrive. You will eat your lunch in the classroom and it will just be us on the yard for play times. We still need to try out best to stay 2 metres away from each other but we have games and activities for you to help :) See you on Thursday :) Group A the Year 5 classroom looks pretty much the same as the Year 6 classroom and you are entering in exactly the same way. Have a fantastic time with Miss Hindle, I know she cant wait to see you all!

Summer 2 Week 3

I have uploaded Maths, English, Grammar and Last weeks Maths answers below. 

If you are in school with Miss Hindle on Monday and Tuesdays you will be able to carry on the work at home. If you are with me on Thursday and Friday you will need to have completed Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of the English and Lesson 1 and 2 of Maths.

Art - we are going to be looking at the work of Picasso and creating our own versions of his art work using cardboard.

Geography - optional

Thinking about all everyone who is returning to school today and I am looking forward to seeing everyone who is returning on Thursday.

Please remember that the only things you should be bringing to school are a coat, a snack for break time, a water bottle and your lunch if you aren't having one from school. You will be keeping everything at your desk so i suggest your have one bag that can hold all of this.

Uniform - you still need to wear your school jumper/cardigan but you can wear navy/black/grey short/joggers/leggings and please ensure you have suitable footwear for outdoor activities - we will be outside as much as we can.

Have a great week :)

Summer 2 Week 3

 Last week Lesson 1 Answers - Multiply and Divide by 10, 100 and 1,000.pdfDownload
 Last week Lesson 2 Answers - Multiply decimals by integers 2019.pdfDownload
 Last week Lesson 3 Answers - Divide decimals by integers 2019.pdfDownload
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Summer 2 Week 2

Morning everyone, hope you are all well. I have uploaded this weeks work. English is based around the work of our heroes in the NHS and Maths is a good one...multiplying and dividing! 

Mrs Mason has asked if you could all please have a look at the love my beach website. 

Some of our children went and got involved in the organised beach litter pick! Well done! If you get involved in anything like this whilst in lock down please could you send me some pictures. 

Have a good week :)

Miss Merry


Summer 2 Week 2

 English Hygiene Health and Heroes.pdfDownload
 Lesson 1 - Multiply and divide by 10, 100 and 1,000.pdfDownload
 Lesson 2 - Multiply decimals by integers 2019.pdfDownload
 Lesson 3 - Divide decimals by integers 2019.pdfDownload
 Lesson 4 - Decimals as fractions 2019.pdfDownload
 maths - last weeks answers 1.pdfDownload
 maths - last weeks answers 2.pdfDownload
 maths - last weeks answers 3.pdfDownload
 maths - last weeks answers 4.pdfDownload
 Year 3- 6 Stay at Home Programme Brochure Week 8.pdfDownload
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Summer 2 Week 1

WB 08.06.2020

Well I thought today would be the day where we welcomed some of you back into school but unfortunately this has not been possible. Fingers crossed it will happen next Monday!

I have therefore uploaded your Maths, English, PE and some DT type Maths.

If you struggle with the Maths please use the links which are videos to help...dont worry it isn't the man from Yorkshire! You can do it! I know how you all love a good fractions question! ;) 

Remember if you are struggling or just fancy a natter use the year 6 email :)

Stay safe and look after your family!

Love Miss Merry

Summer 2 Week 1

 Easy recipes to try.pdfDownload
 maths 1.pdfDownload
 maths 2.pdfDownload
 maths 3.pdfDownload
 maths 4.pdfDownload
 maths video links.pdfDownload
 Volleyball Challenge .pdfDownload
 WB 18.5 maths answers 1.pdfDownload
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ST Ts Virtual Sports Day Results 2020!

WB 18.05.2020

Well I hope you are all ready for ST Ts sports day on Tuesday!

Please read the is vital that EVERYONE in your family contributes to earn your team points which will go towards your teams score! Have fun and remember to send your photos to earn your points!

 Last weeks maths answers 1.pdfDownload
 Last weeks maths answers 2.pdfDownload
 Last weeks maths answers 3.pdfDownload
 Last weeks maths answers 4.pdfDownload
 Maths 1.pdfDownload
 Maths 2.pdfDownload
 Maths 3.pdfDownload
 Maths 4.pdfDownload
 Maths 5.pdfDownload
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WB 11.05.2020

This morning I should have been pacing around awaiting your arrivals and the unveiling of the SATs papers. We would have welcomed you into school with yummy treats and greeted you with large, reassuring smiles. We would have looked at you all with pride and love in our eyes and we would have offered you caring and positive words to motivate you for the day that lay ahead of you.


You may have had butterflies in your tummy and you would probably have been loud and crazy like you normally are. There would have been squeals of excitement  and hugs to reassure our friends. Most importantly, we would have been together.


However, today, you will be at home safe with your loved ones. For some of you, you feel happiness and relief and some of you are frustrated and in disbelief. These SATs were going to be a chance for us all to show how hard we have worked this year. Nevertheless, we don’t need test results to show that and to measure everything you have learnt. Just be you and continue to do your best. Many of your skills you’ve gained can’t be defined by a test.


You have all come so far in the time we have known you. You are wonderful human beings who all have bright futures ahead of you. We may not be together but I promise you that all of the St Thomas’ family are so proud of you all and always will be. Please never forget that.


Have a wonderful day! Keep safe

 last weeks maths answers 1.pdfDownload
 last weeks maths answers 2.pdfDownload
 last weeks maths answers 3.pdfDownload
 last weeks maths answers 4.pdfDownload
 maths 1.pdfDownload
 maths 2.pdfDownload
 maths 3.pdfDownload
 maths 4.pdfDownload
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WB 04.05.2020

Hi everyone, hope you are all keeping well. Hear are the activities for this week.

HISTORY - This week we have a very unusual bank holiday. We are celebrating VE day. I would therefore like you to research why we celebrate VE day and produce a poster on it.

Stay safe and look forward to seeing your emails!

Miss Merry :)

 Last weeks maths answers 1.pdfDownload
 Last weeks maths answers 2.pdfDownload
 Last weeks maths answers 3.pdfDownload
 Last weeks maths answers 4.pdfDownload
 Last weeks maths answers 5.pdfDownload
 maths 1.pdfDownload
 maths 2.pdfDownload
 maths 3.pdfDownload
 maths 4.pdfDownload
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Have a look at what Y6 have been upto!

Please enter some files.
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WB 27.04.20

Hi everyone, thanks again to the children and parents who are completing the activities I have set. Its lovely to receive the photos!

Here are this weeks activities. I will include the answers to the maths in next weeks section.

Stay safe. Love Miss Merry :)

 Maths 1.pdfDownload
 Maths 2.pdfDownload
 Maths 3.pdfDownload
 Maths 4.pdfDownload
 Maths 5.pdfDownload
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WB 20.4.2020

As some parents couldn't access the info pupil and parent page I have put this weeks work here aswell.

Hope this helps.

Miss Merry

 60+ Virtual Tours and Trips.docxDownload
 English Wk 1 It's Magic!.pdfDownload
 Maths wk1.docxDownload
 PE wk1.pdfDownload
 Saw this and thought it was perfect.jpgDownload
 WB 20.4.20 Topic Web.pdfDownload
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Good morning!

Hope you are keeping safe! I am loving receiving your work! Keep it up. I have been in school this week with a few children. We have been painting rocks and Mrs Mason has been in forest schools.

I will be having my ‘Easter holiday’ next week (13-17.4.20) so I think it should be your Easter holiday as well!  I will only be checking my email once, mid week. However, I will be posting more work on the Year6 webpage on Monday 20th April.


Enjoy your week off!

Love Miss Merry 

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WOW WOW WOW! Year 6, I have loved receiving all your emails, pictures and work.

Well done to everyone single one of you and well done parents!

As I have loved receiving these emails I thought it would be nice for you all to be able to see what everyone has been up to! I have uploaded a selection of the work and pictures I have received and will try to do this on a weekly basis so keep the emails coming!

I have even included some pictures and a video of what I have been up to when I am not in school or looking at your fantastic work! 

Once again, thank you for being amazing!

Stay safe and hopefully we will be able to see each other soon!

Miss Merry :)


 AD bike.mp4Download
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February 2020

Year 6 have been working extremely hard, especially in English!

We have been studying the playscript/story of Macbeth!

These are some of the children's alternative endings!

 Spirits of the deceased macbeth.docxDownload
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Week Beginning 14.10.2019

This week Year 6 are on Bikeability... they have been fantastic today so hopefully by Wednesday they will be out on the road!


well after a brilliant 5days at borwick last week we started this week with a great healthy heads session on working hard and understanding what motivates us!

26.09.2019  European languages day

Today we are learning about Belgium! We have learnt how to count in dutch and even eaten belgian waffles! 

20.09.2019 - Nature Journal

This afternoon Year 6 started work in their nature journals. We used our scientific skill of observation, recording and question generating. We observed the various flowers in the wild flower garden and generate questions about why the flowers are different colours, heights and how some flowers spread their seeds naturally.

We then looked at our questions to see if any could be turned into an experiment.

Healthy heads.

This term year 6 are lucky enough to be doing healthy head. So far we have had a session on fairness and another one on resilience. We have then put what we have learnt to practise in outdoor activities.


WOW. What a fantastic morning we have had. We joined the rest of the school and watched a brilliant production of Alice in Wonderland. We were extremely lucky as we then had a workshop with the actors. We learnt about props and costumes, aswell as lighting and sound. We the. Had a go at acting!