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St Thomas' Road, Lytham St. Annes, Lancashire FY8 1JN

01253 722022

St Thomas' Church Of England Primary School

Sports Day is on Wednesday 6th July. KS1&R start 9.15pm. KS2 start 1.15pm. Spectators welcome!

HonestyKindnessLovePeacePerseveranceRespectSelf ControlThankfulness

P.E. gets even more exciting!

Don't forget your swimming bag in the Summer term. We swim every Thursday, so be in school between 8:30-8:40am (through the Year 5 door).

Swimming - The Camford International School |

We were inspired by the artist Jackson Pollock for our Jubilee designs, splatting paint on a horizontal surface. We had lots of fun!

We learnt about taotie masks in Art and History (The Shang Dynasty). This gluttonous, mythical, Chinese creature appeared on Chinese bronze artefacts like masks and ritual vessels called 'dings'. The taotie's face had large eyes, fangs, horns and eyebrows, thought to warn people against seeking wealth and power.

We used clay casting, pressing objects into clay to make a mould. We then poured casting plaster into it, to create our masks. We had to work quickly, as it set extremely fast!

Pneumatic systems!

It was really tricky, but we persevered!

In Design Technology, we have been learning about pneumatic systems. We used our Science knowledge of solids, liquids and gases (Year 4) and learnt that by squashing air, the particles get closer together and increase the pressure. This high air pressure can be used for lots of things like drills and machinery to lift heavy objects.

For International Languages Day we learnt a little bit of Spanish. We learnt Spanish numbers up to ten, colours and some key phrases. We had fun creating 'fortune tellers' and playing 'snap' and 'pairs' games.

Summer 1

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Spring 2

 Wk 1 word matrices - 'fin'.docxDownload
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Our Gospel Value is 'respect'.

Welcome to Year 5!

Teacher: Mrs Farrar. 

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Colley.

PPA cover: Mrs Stones.



Virtual 'Meet the teacher'.

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Eyes down!

 We had a wonderful time playing Chocolate Bingo. Thank you for your kind donations and we hope that you have a peaceful Easter.


  • Minimum of 1 BugClub book per week (do more if you wish!)
  • Spellings - 1 column of practise every night. Sentences and practising of the 'trickiest' words by each Monday.
  • TTRockstars - at least 3 times a week.
  • Nessy (if your child has been given a login) every night (10 minutes minimum in order for it to be effective).


P.E.ensure all outdoor kits, especially trainers are in school. P.E. days are Wednesday and Friday.


Healthy snacks - if your child does not have morning toast, they may bring in a healthy snack. 


Eco water bottles - return daily after washing (lost bottles £2, broken lids 50p). 


Musical instruments - bring in for lessons and take home after lessons.


Reading records and spellings in school every day please.


Communication - Class email: