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St Thomas' Road, Lytham St. Annes, Lancashire FY8 1JN

01253 722022

St Thomas' Church Of England Primary School

Have a lovely Summer! We shall see you back in school on Thursday 2nd September 2021(gates open at 8 45am and close at 8 55am)

HonestyKindnessLovePeacePerseveranceRespectSelf ControlThankfulness


Sports Day 2021!

We had a 'FAB' time making our Fathers' Day Cards.

Caterpillar observations...

Tabitha provided us with a caterpillar class kit which allows us all to observe a caterpillar from being a few days old until it is a butterfly. We are going to record their progress weekly.


When the children reach 100 dojo points they are invited to bring an item for show and tell...

Roman Dressing Up Day.

WE had the most amazing day today! We all dressed up as Romans and looked fantastic. We made our own shoes, designed mosaics, used our shield to protect us in battle, made mini catapults and learnt how to throw a spear! 

Our Roman Afternoon. Wow!

Roman Shields-Part 2.

Roman Shields-Part 1.

We investigated the shields that the Roman centurions used for protection. We then designed our own, taking ideas from the shields that the Romans would have actually held.

Roman Poop Investigation!

We investigated Roman poop to see whether it belonged to a Patrician, Plebeius or a Servant, by looking at the undigested content!

(Don't panic....this was only playdoh!)

Amazing Roman Stories.

We wrote some incredible stories about when Mount Vesuvius erupted in Pompeii. Our teacher thinks that we are all amazing authors!

Roman Mosaic Art.

We designed some Roman serving plates and then printed our ideas using paint and a square printing tool. We thought about the colours available to the Romans at the time.

Finding Right Angles.


In Science this week we have been learning about the human skeleton. We tried to recreate it in groups using dog bones and then labelled out skeletons using the scientific words. Did you know that there 206 bones in the adult human skeleton?

Science week continued: 

We also thought about how water is transported from the roots of a plant to the flower. We carried out a little investigation using carnations, celery and blue food dye.

Christmas Dinner, Santa Dash and Christmas Party....phew!


This term we have been studying rocks, fossils and soils.

Here are some pictures of us finding out how trace fossils are made using two types of bread, gummy bears and jelly babies.


We have been learning about the Stone Age this term. We had a go a creating our own cave paintings in our own cave! Great fun.

Multiples in Maths

We have now learnt our 2,3,4,5,8 and 10 times tables. We took the chalks outside and added to multiple lines.


We used the atlases to locate some famous volcanoes. We had to use the fact clues to find out which country they were located in first, then record this on our sheet.

Beautiful poppy art...

A sneaky peek at some of our clay dragon eyes...


We took to the playground today with some chalk. We used it to create our spellings using graffiti art, rainbow words and pyramid words.

Making 3D shapes in Forest School.

We went into forest school today to use twigs to create the frame of a 3D shape, We used pipe cleaners to create the vertices and twigs to create the edges.

Check out our rugby skills!

In rugby we have been learning the swing pass.

Compass Points.

In Geography we have been learning about the eight compass points and how to use them. We made out our giant compasses with chalks and used them to direct our partners.

Drawing dragon eyes!

In Art we looked at dragon eyes and how to draw them. We used a soft pencil to create our designs and added detail. We thought about how to draw something so that it looked scaly and textured.


Teacher: Ms. Martyn-Clark

Morning T.A: Mrs. Fox 

Afternoon TA:

PPA cover: Mrs. Stones (every other Friday)

Class Governor: Mrs. Sumner


P.E Day: Friday

Please ensure that your child has an indoor and outdoor kit and trainers. (Please see our PE policy for guidance.)

Healthy Snack

You may bring a healthy snack for break-time if you are not having toast.

Water bottles

Please return them daily.

Musical Instruments

If your child takes their instrument home, please return on the day of their lesson.


 Reading packet and yellow record book is required daily please.

Meet The Teacher!

Welcome letter


Please read your book every night...

Matching Analogue clocks times to digital!

How many days in each month song.

4 Times Tables

3 Times Tables:

Topic Web Summer 1

Topic Web Autumn 1

June Holiday Homework Fun!

How many points can you get? 

(Plan from the Technicolour teacher)

Converting document.

Maths Busy Ants weekly homework: Sent on a Friday to return the following Friday please.

Maths Homework 25.6.2021

Maths Homework 18.6.2021

Maths Holiday Homework 28.5.21

Maths homework: 21.5.21

Converting document.

.Maths homework: 14.5.21

.Maths homework: 7.5.21

Maths homework: 30.4.21

Maths homework: 23.4.21

Maths homework:26.3.21

Maths homework:19.3.21

Maths homework:12.3.21

 20.11.20 Maths Homework on Time 1.pdfDownload
 20.11.20 Maths Homework on Time 2.pdfDownload
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 Autumn 2 week 7 BusyAnts x 4.pdfDownload
 Autumn 2 Week 7 BusyAnts.pdfDownload
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 Maths homework week 1a.pdfDownload
 Maths homework week 1b.pdfDownload
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Weekly Spellings:


Summer 2 Spellings/Dictation:

Summer 1 Spellings:

 Year 3 weekly spellings Spring 2 week 19.docxDownload
 Year 3 weekly spellings Spring 2 week 20.docxDownload
 Year 3 weekly spellings Spring 2 week 21.docxDownload
 Year 3 weekly spellings Spring 2 week 22.docxDownload
 Year 3 weekly spellings Spring 2 week 23.docxDownload
 Year 3 weekly spellings Spring 2 week 24.docxDownload
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Green Group Spellings SUM 1

Green Group Spellings SPR 2

Test on a Monday

 A4 Poster.pdfDownload
 Activity Sheet Spelling Spinner.pdfDownload
 Green Spellings Spr 2 2021.pdfDownload
 Look Say Cover Write and Check Activity.pdfDownload
 Spelling Lists Editable.docDownload
 Spelling Lists.pdfDownload
 Word Search Black and White.pdfDownload
 Word Search.pdfDownload
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 Year 3 weekly spellings Autumn 2 week 10.docxDownload
 Year 3 weekly spellings Autumn 2 week 11.docxDownload
 Year 3 weekly spellings Autumn 2 week 12.docxDownload
 Year 3 weekly spellings Autumn 2 week 12.docxDownload
 Year 3 weekly spellings Autumn 2 week 7.docxDownload
 Year 3 weekly spellings Autumn 2 week 8.docxDownload
 Year 3 weekly spellings Autumn 2 week 9.docxDownload
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 Spelling practise list 2.docxDownload
 Year 3 weekly spellings Autumn 1 week 1.docxDownload
 Year 3 weekly spellings Autumn 1 week 2.docxDownload
 Year 3 weekly spellings Autumn 1 week 3.docxDownload
 Year 3 weekly spellings Autumn 1 week 4.docxDownload
 Year 3 weekly spellings Autumn 1 week 5.docxDownload
 Year 3 weekly spellings Autumn 1 week 6.docxDownload
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Languagenut for French!

How to log on:

Search languagenut uk

Log on to the French Flag

Go to Vocab Trainer

Then 1.1 About me (Autumn term)


Lost Logins...

A parent has told me her handy way of never losing a login again! She takes a picture on her phone. Please do this, if you are able, as re-issuing logins takes a lot of time. Thank you for your support with this.