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St Thomas' Church Of England Primary School

Have a lovely Summer! We shall see you back in school on Thursday 2nd September 2021(gates open at 8 45am and close at 8 55am)

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Hello to all my Y2 pupils and their families. We have lots of fun planned throughout the rest of the year and I am sure that you will enjoy being back at school and catching up with all of your friends.  If you have any questions or queries please email me at

***Please find below lots of information about being in Year Two, our classroom and what we have been learning about over the year! 

Year Two love to talk, listen, problem solve, grow, observe, research, marvel, investigate, explore, read and write!  

Teacher: Mrs Corinne Mason

                   Teaching Assistants: Mrs G Harrison and Mrs D Greer                                    

PPA cover: Mrs. Stones (every other Thursday)

Class Governor: Mrs Goodridge

All about Year Two...

In the Y2 we have a 'Book Nook' and we can visit this area daily. We have lots of poetry, non-fiction, fiction and comics available for us to share. We can write book reviews, leave recommendation book marks and revisit exciting texts. 

We are FANTASTIC at Phonics and SUPER at Spelling!  We have a working wall where we can learn spelling patterns, practise using and applying skills that we have learned each week!  We are building a vocabulary wall to help us with our spoken and written language too!

We have a Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling working wall and use blow up microphones to practise saying our sentences before we write them!  

Our class Gospel Value is 'Thankfulness' and together we have weaved a cross to symbolise our faith. We have a a reflection area and a 'worry' box where we can talk about our emotions. 

In our Maths area we have lots of resources that we can use that encourage us to be independent, problem solvers, to understand place value, calculate and understand shape, space and measure.  We also have a date calendar to show how the weeks, months and dates are cyclical (they follow a cycle). We look forward to changing the date each morning.  

'The more we put in...   the more we get out'! 

Please find below our Reading, Timetable, Phonics and Curriculum learning websites below. 

Bug Club Family        East Ward Community Primary School - Purple Mash   Times Table Rock Stars | Thomlinson Junior School           PhonicsPlay - Happy Learning

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Please find the 'Pet Service' information below from Ms MC for September.  Thanks  Mrs Mason

20th July 2021


Today we have celebrated the beginning of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics... even though it is 2021!  We have spent time designing our own Olympic medals, our own team shirts and we took part in the Olympic scavenger hunt! We had 35 Olympic sports to find, draw and label.  Which Olympic sport is your favourite and why?

14th July 2021


We enjoyed spending our 'tokens' at the Y6 Enterprise this week!  We could buy treats, toys and take part in activities!  Well done Y6 and well done Y2 for spending so sensibly!


12th July 2021

This week Y2 have spent every afternoon in our new library!  On Monday we could explore the books, Tuesday we listed to stories told by Mrs Greer and yesterday we were library detectives!  We had to find books with certain topics, pictures and information in!  We love our new library and cannot wait to use it in September!

12th July 2021

This week and next week to finish off the year we have decided to have a 'Spelling Bee'!  This is when we give the children lots of words we hope they can now spell and we have a 'quiz' at the end of the year!  This will be lighthearted and everyone will be rewarded for great effort!  We will practise all the words in school but please feel free to practise this at home too.  We will 'quiz' next Friday!   I have sent home an alternative spelling activity for Lovely Letters and Super Suffixes group. 

 July 12-23 2021 Lovely Letters.docxDownload
 Spelling Bee Word List.pdfDownload
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 28th June 2021 Perfect Prefix.docxDownload
 28th-June-2021 Super Suffixes.docxDownload
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25th June 2021

Next week we will be completing our SATS tests for KS1. These are not statutory this year but as a school we have decided to complete them for internal use.  The children will not be put under any pressure and they will be encouraged to try their best.  


Here are some practise activities you can do over the weekend if you would like to. 



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 21st-June-2021 Perfect Prefix.docxDownload
 21st-June-2021 Super Suffixes.docxDownload
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23rd June 2021 

On Wednesday Year Two dodged the rain and managed to enjoy their 2021 Sports Day.  We completed running races, sack races, egg and spoon races and finished the morning with an obstacle race!  They all cheered each other on and it was great fun!  Well done Year Two!

18th June 2021


This week we have been learning about addition and subtraction rounding up and down using a number line.  We have been learning about 'recounts'. We have been using the school trip to learn about past tense and recording in a chronological order.

This weeks homework is on Purple Mash and it is about compass directions!

Well done everyone who completed their class talk! If you would like to do  a class talk then please prepare one for the first week back. Have a fantastic half term and keep up with your reading! Please use BUGCLUB each week. 


REMEMBER THE PLASTIC BOTTLE CHALLENGE!!  Design and make something new using an old plastic bottle!

25th May 2021


Today Year Two went on a school trip around St Anne's.  We walked for 7km and saw lots of things. We had such good manners and great listening that we were a credit to our school!  We looked and listened out for clues that would help us with our St Anne's trip quiz!  We learned about changes in History in our local area! We will be using our school trip to write a recount after the half term holidays.  Well done Year Two! You were GREAT! 


To practise talking about your chosen subject ready for next weeks 'class presentation' (mini talk).

Spellings 21st May 2021

 21st-may-2021 Perfect Prefix.docxDownload
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20th May 2021


Today we have been reporting the weather at St Thomas'.  We have all been weather reporters and told our viewers all about the weather forecast!  We have been comparing the weather each day this week.  Even though it is Spring, it is not always warm and dry.  

19th May 2021


Wow!  What a super History morning we have had in Y2!  We had a visit from the Victorian steam train driver 'Mr Porter'.  He has been into school to teach us about Victorians, St Anne's in Victorian times and let us have a go at Victorian tasks, games and play with his toys!  We have been mill and factory workers and school children! Ask your children about the irons, ice creams and what would have been in St Anne's at the beginning of Victorian times!  

17th May 2021


Today we have been thinking about our 'Well Being'!  We have taken part in a Healthy Heads session, a sports session and had a Yoga class.   We have been using a text called 'The Animals in my Brain' by Sarah Joseph.  This text has helped us to think about how we are feeling and what we can or cannot manage when we are in that mindset.


 14th May 2021 Super Suffix Group.docxDownload
 14th May 2021.docxDownload
 14th May-2021-lovely-letters-group.docxDownload
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12th May 2021

This week in Science we have been learning all about habitats and how they are suitable for different animals.  We know that an animal must have food, oxygen, water, shelter and lots of animals have defense mechanisms such as camouflage. We used this knowledge to create a school ground food chain. 

7th May 2021


HOMEWORK for the next two weeks!  Plan a mini class talk!  Pick a topic you would like to tell your friends in class about e.g. favourite animal, hobby, food, sport or your family. If you want to have pictures or objects to help with your talk then you can send them in a labelled plastic bag by the 21st May or email me.  Our 'talks' will take place in class throughout the final week of this half term (24th to the 28th May) and we will have chance to ask each other questions afterwards. Use your question hands when you are planning your talk i.e. What,  who,  when,  how,  why and where?  


Spellings 7th May 2021

 7th May 2021 Perfect Prefix Group.docxDownload
 7th May 2021 Lovely Letters Group.docxDownload
 7th May 2021 Super Suffix Group.docxDownload
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4th May 2021


Check out some of the displays in outside our classroom!  We have displayed our innovated poems and also our Serena Hall artwork!  Well done Year Two!

4th May 2021


Miss Glover has made a WANTED poster for a very naughty rabbit! The children in Y2 are going to be making predictions about who this character is and what he may have been up to!


30th April 2021


Homework for this week is 2Code on Purple Mash.  Please complete both tasks by the 7th May 2021.

Please also remember to complete at least ONE BugClub a week. Only a few children have been accessing this resource and it is by FAR the most valuable resource for comprehension  linked to home readers. 



 30th April 2021 Lovely Letters Group.docxDownload
 30th April 2021 Perfect Prefix Group.docxDownload
 30th April 2021 Super Suffix Group.docxDownload
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26th April 2021


Today we have been designing a Royal Mail stamp to celebrate our CV-19 heroes!  The children shared their ideas about who has helped them and other people all over the world in the last twelve months.  The children had to choose a hero and create a picture using colouring pencils.  The designs will be sent off to the Royal Mail Heroes Design Competition team in the next few weeks. Watch this space and GOOD LUCK Y2!


 23rd April 2021 Lovely Letters Group.docxDownload
 23rd April 2021 Perfect Prefix Group.docxDownload
 23rd April 2021 Super Suffix Group.docxDownload
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20th April 2021


Today we have been playing 'Exchange Up' in Maths to warm up before learning about number lines and place value.  We have been exploring unfamiliar words in our English lesson linked to our class poem.  Did you know that a runciple spoon is a fork curved like a spoon?  We have been word investigators!  Free Word Detective Cliparts, Download Free Word Detective Cliparts png  images, Free ClipArts on Clipart Library 

20th April 2021

Year Two have been learning about the poem 'The Owl and the Pussy Cat'.  We have been using Talk4Writing (actions) to help us recite and perform this classic poem. 

19th April 2021


Today in Science we have been observing changes in our seeds from our 'FIELD to FORK' project!  We have been observing growth and health.  We have have been measuring using a standard unit, using equipment such as a tape measure and a magnifying glass, looking at their colour and counting leaves.  We will observe our plants again and identify any changes again next week!



This week we have been learning about what plants need to grow, stay healthy and survive!  We compared our research with what animals need to survive. We planned an investigation with a focus on keeping it a fair test.  This week we planted French bean seeds.  We decided whether we would let them have light and water, just light, just water or neither.  We measured the mass of soil we added to the pot, measured the water, used the same size pots.  Each day we will check on their progress!  We decided we would observe, measure and record the height of the plant and take notes about the colour.  Some plants will be in our NEW polytunnel and some plants will be in our dark classroom cupboard. Super Scientists at work!

12th April 2021   Please find below a list of skills we will be working on in READING and WRITING over the Summer term.

 Year 2 Summer 2021 reading and writing.docxDownload
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 16th April 2021 Lovely Letters Group.docxDownload
 16th April 2021 Perfect Prefix Group.docxDownload
 16th April 2021 Super Suffix Group.docxDownload
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Summer One 2021 Year Two Learning Plan

30th March 2021                                                            The Egg, The Bunny, and The Cross

HAPPY EASTER EVERYBODY!!  Today we have watched our Easter service, played Bingo and had a boogie!  You will find some multiplication and spelling Easter tasks in your child's home time bag but most importantly have fun, rest and relax!!

Enter text...

26th March 2021


Today in DT we have been making farm puppets.  We have been designing, sewing and sharing our work with each other.   How skillful are we?!

24th March 2021


We have been planting seeds linked to our 'Field to Fork' project!  We have planted tomato seeds, potato seeds and bean seeds.  We have used ketchup, baked beans and Pringles tubs. Can you guess which seeds have been planted in which container?  We have also been making food chains in art!  We have been using Science word such as producer, prey, consumer and predator. 

19th March 2021

Homework this week is in the 2DO section on Purple Mash and is linked to our Science work on food chains.


 19th March 2021 Group 2.docxDownload
 19th March 2021.docxDownload
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This week homework will be set on Purple Mash.  Please look in the 2DO section.  This weeks spellings are below.  The children have been learning them in class. Please send in the 'tomato or bean tin or a Pringles tub' for Monday.  Thank you 

Spellings 12th March 2021

 12th March 2021 Group 2.docxDownload
 12th March 2021.docxDownload
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10th March 2021       7 Strategies for Solving the Chicken and Egg Problem as a Startup

It is British Science Week.  We have been designing our pizza shop label and tomorrow we will be growing the ingredients used to make pizza.  Today we have been watching an NFU video about chickens!  Did the egg or the chicken come first??  If you would like to watch any of the NFU clips i.e. lambing or chicks then please follow the links.  NB:  Th lambing is recommended for 7+ as it shows a lamb being born.   

8th March 2021

Please find below the topic web from Spring Two.  Some of this learning has taken place already (lockdown home learning) and some we will complete in the three weeks before Easter.  

Well done Y2!  So proud of you!


ALL COMMUNICATION WILL TAKE PLACE ON TEAMS from the 6th January onwards.  There will be daily videos recorded by myself supporting our Red Rose Maths, Phonics, English units and Guided Reading.  I will upload lessons, activities and support documents too.  Please read daily, practise multiplication using TT Rockstars and complete PurpleMash activities too.  Please send me photographs of anything you would like me to see!  Lets GO FOR IT!

8th January 2021


Here is a video to demonstrate how to get on to Teams using Office 365 and a video to show how to access assignments and hand them in.

5th January 2021  Home Learning

Please find three suggested lessons for Y2 on the document below. 


 Bubble Maths 1 Answers.pdfDownload
 Bubble Maths 1.pdfDownload
 St Thomas home learning Bubble closure Y2 Spring 2021 5th January.docxDownload
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Please click on the document below to find out about our learning during Autumn One half term 2020.

 The Place Where We Live.docxDownload
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Please click on the document below to find out about our learning plan for Autumn Two half term 2020

 Autumn 2 Year 2 2020 PDF.pdfDownload
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9th November 2020

Today we have been learning about homophones.  These are words that sound the same but are spelt and mean something different.  Check out our little homophone song.


Homework for week ending 6th November 2020 is on PurpleMash. 


6th November 2020

This week we have been creating bonfire pictures and learning all about more complex names/features of 2D shapes such as quadrilaterals and shapes with right angles.  We have begun learning about Florence Nightingale too.

20th October 2020

Please find the Y2 Sponsored Reading Letter below.

 Y2 SR Letter.docxDownload
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20th October 2020


A little recap all about phonics and reading at St Thomas'.  More information on Y2 reading and assessment to follow later in the year.

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If I am ill with Covid-19 at any point in the year and our bubble gets 'popped' (we are isolating) then you will be sent a two week learning plan by Mrs Gilmour that I have planned to maintain progress and practise key skills.  It is essential that you know your child's 'log-ins' or where to find them in their yellow reading record.  You do not need to complete the Maths activities below now as these only set for if our bubble pops!  Lets hope we all stay healthy and our bubble stays in tact!  Thank you Mrs Mason

 Bubble Maths 1 Answers.pdfDownload
 Bubble Maths 1.pdfDownload
 Bubble Maths 10.pdfDownload
 Bubble Maths 2.pdfDownload
 Bubble Maths 3.pdfDownload
 Bubble Maths 4 Answers.pdfDownload
 Bubble Maths 4.pdfDownload
 Bubble Maths 5.pdfDownload
 Bubble Maths 6.pdfDownload
 Bubble Maths 7 Answers.pdfDownload
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English Support Materials Autumn 1

 Common Y1 and Y2 words.pdfDownload
 Phonics Screening Practise.pdfDownload
 Sound Family mat.pdfDownload
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Maths Support Materials Autumn 1



Water Bottles are £2 for a new bottle and 50p for a replacement lid.  Please send the money in with your child for a new one if they need one.



Please find below the spellings given each week.  These will be in the blue folder provided on a Monday and should be returned on a Friday.  There are lots of strategies for helping children spell e.g. pyramid spelling and word searches.

 16th November 2020.docxDownload
 23rd November 2020.docxDownload
 30th November 2020.docxDownload
 9th November 2020.docxDownload
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 19th October 2020.docxDownload
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 12th October 2020.docxDownload
 14 th September 2020.docxDownload
 21st September 2020.docxDownload
 28th September 2020.docxDownload
 5th October 2020.docxDownload
 7th September 2020.docxDownload
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9th October 2020

Homework this week is to look for signs of Autumn! Can you draw and write about the differences between Summer and Autumn? The weather, animals and plants are a good place to start. Why not use Purple Mash to record it.  I have set a 2do entitled 'I have found out'.  Please create a picture a type your findings. Enjoy observing! 

8th December 2020

This week we have been observing the weather, researching the temperature and comparing each day.  We have been recording it in our Nature Journals and finding the differences and similarities. We now know that during a week the weather can change from sunny, to windy, raining and be cold.

4th December 2020


This week we have been recording our Nativity, writing cards and making decorations!  We made pudding pompoms and what a delight they are!  They are currently hanging on our school Christmas tree and they will be sent home on the last day!  Well done Y2!

27th November 2020


This week we have been making Christmas cards for residents at local nursing homes and care homes.  We have also been making pompom Christmas decorations, making cards for our family and practising our nativity!  This weeks homework is on PurpleMash and there is a Maths sheet too. 

Remember to order your Nativity DVD and photographs before the 4th December on ParentPay and email me on

20th November 2020


This week we have been retelling the story of Prince Cinders using puppets that we have made and story mountains.  We have also been 'hot seating' Prince Cinders in the different parts of the story to ask him how he is feeling.

In History this week we have been learning all about Florence Nightingale and why she is a famous person.  We used 'mash cam' on PurpleMash to become Florence, we made a timeline to work out the chronology of her life and we drew portraits of her with chalk.  We know that photographs would have been in black and white 150 years ago.

13th November 2020


This week we have been learning about Remembrance day and making poppies.  We have been reading lots and finding exciting words from our books.  We have listened to lots of teachers 'hooks' into reading!  We also had a special letter delivered and a suitcase full of interesting things i.e. a crown, a robe and a sword.  We had to make a prediction about who our new story character was?  Thank you for your support on Wednesday and Friday for charity.

11th November 2020


Please wear red tomorrow in memory of those who gave their lives for us.  It is Remembrance day!  We will be having a minutes silence at 11am.  ParentPay will be open for donations. Thank you 


Here is some of our work on Dr Martin Luther King during Black History Month! We had to share our dreams of what would make the world a better place!

9th November 2020


Have a go at TTRockstars!  I have set the x table challenge to 10x tables.  We have talked about dividing by ten too!

Please find below the information for the bubble closure of Y2 on the 22nd October 2020

 Instruction Writing Y2 Day 1 Friday.pptmDownload
 St Thomas home learning plan Bubble pop 1.docxDownload
 Y2 COVID letter 22 October 2020.pdfDownload
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20th October 2020


This week we have been very busy even though it is only Tuesday!  We have all our names on the recognition board, we have been looking at adverbs and verbs ready for instruction writing, we have been learning about the igh, ie, i , y, i_e spelling of words and we have been printing patterns in nature!  Take a look at our art display in the hall!

15th October 2020


Today we have been super scientists and we have been researching, predicting, investigating and explaining!  We asked the questions what happens to our bodies when we exercise and which exercise makes us work harder.  The children in Y2 had to plan their own investigation and we made it a fair test by using a stop watch for each exercise that we did.  Great work super Scientists!

13th October 2020


We have begun learning about instructions!  We will be helping reception class learn some playground games by writing instructions on how to play the game!  We are practising hopscotch and thinking about the verbs we will use, what we need lists and putting the instructions in order. 

13th October 2020


Year Two have begun their walking for an hour to raise money for TEARFUND!  We have watched a video and learnt about people in Ethiopia and their hope for fresh water!

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12th October 2020

Please could you help us by filling in this questionnaire linked to being active and sport.  Thank you in advance!  Mrs Mason

7th October 2020


We have been INVESTIGATING!  We have been finding out how far a sneeze travels using green spray.  We have been predicting, measuring in standard units and explaining our findings.  We have been looking at how soap deters germs (pepper) and how germs spread using the green glitter gang!  We have been sorting and grouping food and seeing if our school dinners help us with a balanced diet!  SUPER SCIENTISTS!


5th October 2020  SOS- Sports prizes to be won!  Please could you fill in this PE questionnaire if you have a spare moment for Miss Hindle.  There is a chance to win prizes for school! Thank you 


2nd October 2020

This weekend the homework in Y2 is to research an animal ready for writing a new story on Monday.  Please find your child's work in their school bag.  They have already decided on the animal.  Thank you Mrs Mason

1st October 2020

Today in Science we have been comparing pet animals and how they survive verses wild animals.  How do Mrs Mason's pet hamsters get oxygen, water, food, sleep and shelter? Is that the same as a wild animal?  

What an exciting day at St Thomas'!  We have rescued a hoglet from the builders hole!  We checked he was well and not injured, gave him a tour of school and popped him into Forest School for him to continue searching for his food ready for hibernation!

30th September 2020


Today we have been talking about different ways to practise our spellings.  Here are some ideas for you at home!  You can make a pyramid spelling, rainbow words, graffiti the words, turn them into cross words, draw pictures around the word e.g. draw a pie around the word pie.  You can write the word and ask your child to fill in the missing letters. We have even been putting our spellings into silly sentences.  If you have playdough, magnetic letters or beads you can make the words with those too!


 SUPER STAR SCIENCE TODAY!!  Today we have been comparing how animals and humans survive!  We all need oxygen, water, food, sleep and shelter but we get these in different ways!!

28th September 2020


Today we have been learning all about BULGARIA as part of European Languages day!  We have been painting flags, listening to traditional Bulgarian tales and learning to say hello, yes and no!  Bulgaria is a beautiful country filled with mountains, rivers and lakes.  It has lots of wildflowers that we see in England i.e. buttercups, cornflowers and tulips.  They have wild deer, wolves, pine martins, otters and red squirrels too.

25th September 2020


This weeks homework is on PURPLEMASH in the 2DO section.  It is all about life-cycles.

25th September 2020


Today we have been playing 'mirror mirror' with our microphones.  We have been retrieving information from a text and answering questions using inference (what we know using the evidence).  

24th September 2020


We have been learning all about MASS.  We have been using 2kg, 5kg and 10kg weights to work out the mass of an object on a balance scale and a weighing scale. 

23rd September 2020

We have had to call the police in Y2 as somebody or something keeps stealing all the capital letters!  We had to work out where they should be and put them back!  Ask you child when they need to use a capital letter in their writing?


22nd September 2020

 This week we have been learning about measuring in standard units.  We have been measuring using a meter stick and a ruler.  We know that we have to use the unit of measurement too e.g. cm for centimetres and m for metres. 


18th September 2020  HOMEWORK

This weeks homework is to match animal adults and their offspring on PURPLEMASH. Log-in details and passwords are on your child's yellow reading record.  Please save the work and I will print it out and put it on our Science display.  How do the animal babies change as they grow?

16th September 2020

Today we have been re-enacting the story of 'The Way Home for Wolf'.  We were given a character e.g. the wolf, walrus, moose, bear moth or the arctic fox.  We had to think about our role in the story and what we might say.

15th September 2020

Please can you email a photograph of your child as a baby or toddler to by the 19th September please ready for our Science lesson about growing up.