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St Thomas' Church Of England Primary School

Please remember to check the class pages to see what the children have been learning!

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Please visit our Y2 website every few days to find out what we have been learning about in class and important information!

The class teacher is Mrs Mason and every morning we have Miss Carey as our terrific teaching assistant!  Every other Thursday Mrs Stones will teach the class PE, RE and PHSE and every Friday afternoon whilst Mrs Mason teaches Forest School, Mrs Kelly will teach art and DT.

We use Class Dojo to reward good choices.  Be ready!  Be Safe! Be Proud!  

28th January 2022


This week we have been learning all about materials.  We have been exploring their uses and comparing them.  We have answered 'what if' questions such as 'what if everything was made of glass or what if everything was bendy'.  This weeks homework on Purple Mash is all about matching and describing everyday materials and objects.   Great work year two!  Remember to use super Science words such as investigate, describe, explain, compare and see if you can remember our important word this week 'predict'. 



21st January 2022

This week our homework is a comprehension task and a 2x tables task.  Please make sure you are logged onto TEAMS to see them.  The Maths activities have been sent home alongside the spellings.  

19th January 2022


This week in PE we have been using the story of Jack and the Beanstalk to explore movement.  We have been using the climbing frame safely as a beanstalk, throwing bean bags underarm and moving like the cow that Jack had sold at the market.  

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14th January 2022


This week we have been learning about time and our homework is all about quarter past and quarter to.  We have been using vocabulary such as minute, hour, past, to, face, hand, digits and clockwise.  


This week we have also been writing a letter to the Bid Bad Wolf mummy in role as the wolf!  Look at some of the letters the children have written!  Wow!  We have been using 'when' to give an order/time and using interesting adjectives to make it more interesting.


12th January 2022


Today we launched our Y2 Brilliant Book Awards for Lancashire Library services! We have been chosen to read and respond to four brand new books.  We will be completing activities based on them and at the end of March we will vote for which book we think is the best!  We have been very lucky today and received a message from the author Michael Morpurgo who gave us top tips on how to judge a good book.  He even read a brand new story that he had written us!  Children will be bringing the books home to enjoy too!  Please look after them and return them each day.  Thank you Mrs Mason 

11th January 2022


Today we have been creating story maps for The Great Fairy Tale Disaster!  We have used our story maps to retell the story to a friend!

7th January 2022


Welcome back everybody and a HAPPY NEW YEAR! 

Year Two have been very busy already during our first week back!  We have been learning new spellings linked to our phonics. We have been learning about adding values together e.g. buying fruit, clothes and stationary using pounds £ and pence.  We have been comparing explorers i.e. finding similarities and differences between Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong. We have also been exploring a new text all about a wolf that gets mixed up in the wrong traditional tales.


Each week we will have a multiplication quiz on a Monday.  This week the children have been learning their 5 x tables.  Please support this practise at home.  The first quiz will be on Monday and I will send their sheets home.  The children all have a poster to display in their rooms or on the fridge to support this learning.  Hit the Button is a fantastic online game to support rapid recall.  remember to click the 5 x tables. 


Have a great weekend!  Mrs Mason 




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16th December 2021

CHRISTMAS PARTY TIME!  Year Two had a fantastic time at their Christmas party including a visit from the man in red!  I loved your dance moves and how well everyone played the games!

17th December 2021


Here is our KS2 Carol Service!  A lovely selection of readings and songs.  We hope you enjoy it!




16th December 2021

Nativity 2021 We wish you a very Merry Christmas!



15th December 2021
Please come in your party clothes, sensible shoes and a coat tomorrow. Please also bring two snacks (party food) for yourself in a labelled bag. We will be decorating biscuits this morning to enjoy at the party too! Tomorrow we will be sending out the link for our Nativity. The children have bowled me over with their ability to learn, practise and perform. The most impressive being how they have adapted to different roles, parts when we have had such an increasing amount of absence too! You guys rock!! Have a wonderful, peaceful and relaxing Christmas! Love Mrs Mason </div>
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10th December 2021

The children have been busy in Geography locating continents and some of the countries around the globe. 

7th December 2021


This week we have been taking part in our Traditional Tale Quiz!  We read questions using what, where, why, who, when and how to each other about Traditional Tales we had read.  We then chose a traditional tale character to send a text to!  This was an independent writing task and I cannot wait to see your work Y2!

Year Two LOVED Movie Night on Wednesday 1st Dec!  

This Sunday (5th December) it is our Christingle Service at St. Thomas' Church. Below is a poster which gives instructions about how to make a Christingle. A bag containing all that you need to make your very own Christingle has been sent home.

1st December 2021


This week in English we have been listening to traditional tales and sharing reasons why they are our favourites.  We have been identifying favourite parts and parts we dislike of a traditional tale.  We have also been using WHEN at the beginning of a sentence to identify time/order of a traditional tale event. We also have been learning about the correct spelling for or/aw/au words by playing games such as pairs, snap and relay rap!

26th December 2021

This week we have begun our new topic on TRADITIONAL tales.  We listened to Jack and the Beanstalk and used the story to write some 'when' sentences e.g. When Jack got up the beanstalk, he saw a castle.

26th December 2021


This week we have begun lots of Christmas activities in preparation for our tree arriving next week and also for our Nativity. 

19th November 2021

Check out this years Christmas PTFA fundraisers on the poster below!  We hope you can support us this year and join in with the fun!

10th November 2021

Wowee!  What a day!  Year Two you were AMAZING!  We have been exploring all that Imagine That had to offer!  We have watched and taken part in Science investigations, explored through play, travelled on a bus, made magnets, snow, bath bombs and slime!  You behaved amazingly and you were a credit to St Thomas'!  I hope you had a fabulous day, I know I certainly did and that you enjoy these pictures!  These are only a few of the hundreds I took so I will try and add more at some point!  

9th November 2021


Today we have been learning about Remembrance Day and why the poppy is the symbol that represents it!  We listened to armed forces band music whilst we made our own Flanders Fields through finger printing.  WE WILL REMEMBER!  Hopefully you all received a copy of the final print for you to display and remember at home too!

5th November 2021

This week we have been creating non-chronological reports all about wolves. We have been adding key features such as headings, sub-headings, topic facts, captions and facts.

4th November 2021

In HISTORY this week we have been learning about different types of significant people!  We sorted and compared scientists, explorers, artists, monarchs and activists!  

Wednesday 3rd November

This week we have been adding and subtracting tens and two digit numbers. We have been using Base and using jottings to help with our calculations. One of our most helpful resources is a part part whole diagram. It helps us see how many altogether and how many we can have left.   

Friday 22nd October

We have been completing a shared read of a non-chronological report about arctic animals.  We had to find key features i.e. an introduction, topic vocabulary, sub-headings, expanded noun phrases and plurals. 

Wednesday 20th October

Today we have been learning to find the missing number in addition and subtraction calculations.  We used Base Ten and Part Part Whole diagrams to help us work out 'altogether' and the 'difference'.

CAULIFLOWER CHRISTMAS CARDS! Please read the ParentMail letter and order online.  Send cards back in school on the first day back!  The robins on these cards represent each child's family.  Why don't you ask them who is who!

15th October 2021


Today in art we have been sculpting, drawing and painting.  We have been looking carefully (observing) our objects and trying to represent them in different mediums.  Thank you for sending in your objects!  

14th October 2021


This week we have begun learning about real wolves!  We have created a KWL grid.  This is where we share what we know (K), ask questions about what we would like to know (W) and the end we we record what we have learned.  Today in class we have been researchers!  We have used three non-fiction information books about wolves to find FANTASTIC FACTS!  Tomorrow we will explore the words by becoming 'WORD DETECTIVES!  Ask your child their favourite wolf fact!

12th October 2021  Please read the letter below in preparation for Friday 15th.  Thank you

 Art 15th October 2021.docxDownload
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8th October 2021

This week we have been thinking about hygiene!  We have been investigating how far a sneeze travels.  We made a prediction and measured our prediction using equipment e.g. a ruler and meter stick. We all had a good sneeze (green hairspray) and made sure we were wearing safety goggles.  We compared the actual result with our prediction and used words such as further and furthest.  Mrs Mason also did a sneaky investigation where she asked four secret agents to put green glitter gel on their hands and spend the afternoon as normal.  The green glitter gel represented germs on our hands and we had to hunt/spot how far it had travelled!  Next week we will be learning all about hand washing and using soap!  Super Science Y2!

5th October 2021


Today in Science we have been learning about the 'EatWell Plate'. We began our lesson by listing food we thought was healthy and unhealthy.  We then sorted food into the correct food groups.  We now know that different foods give us different health benefits e.g. calcium gives us strong bones, vegetables give us vitamins and protein helps our muscles.  A balanced diet is key to healthy living.  Sweet treats, crisps, ice-cream and cake are absolutely fine as a small part of a balanced diet.  Yum, yum!

5th October 2021

Today in English we innovated the middle part of our own story 'The Way Home for Wolf'.  We had to use our story planner to change verbs, adjectives and things the characters might say.  We also needed to remember what makes a GREAT sentence!  We will be writing the final part of our story tomorrow.  I wonder who will share their work,  wearing the story tellers cape and the wolf ears tomorrow! 

1st October 2021

Y2 have been learning to retell the story of The Way Home for Wolf!  Have a go at joining in the actions with our very own Y2 retell.  Look out for our joining words and punctuation actions. Well done Y2!


28th September 2021

Today we watched a clip all about spelling words with a k or a ck ending!  We practised our vowels and sorted words into the correct groups.  If the vowel is protected by a consonant e.g. b-a-n-k then it only needs a k. If the vowel is not protected by a consonant then it needs a ck e.g. ch-i-ck.  Why not watch this clip again and practise sorting some of these words.

27th September 2021


Today Y2 have been learning about Italy and celebrating European Languages Day.  We have learned how to say hello, goodbye and practised counting to ten in Italian.  We began our day exploring a map and looking at key features in Italy.  We talked about the capital of Italy which is Rome and looked at it on Google Earth and in an atlas.  We looked at photographs and pictures of the Colosseum and Pisa. Later in the day we listened to the famous Italian story 'Pinocchio' and practised a song to match.  Our day was filled with crafts such as designing our own pizza, painting and designing a Leaning Tower of Pisa, making a pasta map and an Italian flag.   We learned about the weather in Italy, the population (approx 51 million) and popular names! One of our favourite activities was learning about the Mona Lisa and the names of famous Italian artists!  We turned the Mona Lisa into our own creations too!

Ben fatto Secondo Anno!  Well done Year Two!

24th September 2021


On Monday (27th) we will be learning all about Italy in Y2!  Your child may come to school wearing something Italian or the Italian colours green, red and/or white. We will be trying Italian food, making things using Italian produce, learning some Italian words, listening to an Italian story and learning about the Italian flag!  


24th September 2021

Our art topic began with exploring an art gallery, having a go at sketching famous pictures and today we have been using different mediums to explore colour use. 


22nd September 2021


Today in English we retold the story 'The Way Home for Wolf' using actions.  We explored interesting words such as clambered and scaled.  Retelling the story will help us understand the story sequence when we re-write it using our own ideas later in the term. 

20th September 2021

This week we have been using a text to explore how a character is feeling, what they may say and what they are thinking!  We call this using 'inference'!  The text we are using is about a small wolf pup called Wilf!  He is brave, strong willed and wants to be a leader!  However, try as he might to keep up, he ends up lost!  We have been shared reading pages from the text, exploring unusual words such as throng, exhausted, flickered, whipping and prowl.  We have been imagining we are the wolf and answering questions too!

15th September 2021


This week in Science we have begun learning about the things animals need to survive.  We started our lesson by asking a 'What if?' question i.e. What if we stayed the same size as a baby? We then had a quiz to see who could remember the six animal groups we learned about in Y1.  We learned that ALL animals need water, food, oxygen and shelter to survive.  Our final challenge was to compare humans and animals e.g. humans drink water but sharks absorb it through their skin.  Great work Y2!

Here is a clip to share at home

Enter text...

14th September 2021


Today in PE we have been practising our 'dribbling' skills (bouncing and moving) and throwing to a target. We played lots of games. 

13th September 2021


This week we spent time looking at a beautiful sunflower head (and stem) from our wildflower garden.  It had grown so large that it had bent over.  We looked at the seeds, patterns and colours it has turned now that summer is over.  We drew it in our art jotters. We will revisit the sunflower when we think about plant lifecycles. 

10th September 2021


This week we have been learning all about wolves in stories.  We have shared Little Red Riding Hood, The Three Little Pigs and The Boy That Cried Wolf.  We have been exploring words to describe these bad wolf characters.  We have also been using the word 'because' throughout the week in our GPS (grammar, punctuation and spelling) to explain 'why'.  

7th September 2021

This week in our phonics lessons we are learning about the 'ee' sound (phoneme).  We are increasing our knowledge about the 'ee' family and how each spelling (grapheme) 'best fits'.  We know that ee, ea, y, e, ie, e_e and ey, can give us the 'ee' sound in a word. The 'y' and 'ey' way of spelling the phoneme (sound) 'ee' is usually at the end of a word. We have been playing a relay game to help us learn lots of different words with the different ee/ea/y/ey/e_e/e/i_e spellings.  

7th September 2021

Today in PE we have been learning how to roll, bounce and catch.  We have played 'mirror me' and Mr Sunshine/Mr Frosty too.  It was a very HOT PE session!  We needed plenty of rest, shade and water too! 

3rd September 2021


What a wonderful start to the year!  We have already settled into our Y2 routine really well and we have even begun our learning. Here are some pictures from our first two days e.g. our Class Dojo board, our new guinea pigs (Maureen, Fishy and Sandy) and our Garden of Thankfulness garden.  Next week we will decide on what reward we will get for each bench mark. We know that 25 Dojo points means you can collect a treat from the 'goody' box.

This week we have been practising our letter formation (getting back into the swing of things).  We have been learning about our class gospel value which is THANKFULNESS.  

Y2 Topic Web Autumn Term 2021-2022

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24th September


I have sent a hard copy of this weeks spelling home and I will upload them to this page on Monday.  


 10th Sept 2021 Fantastic Phonics.docxDownload
 10th Sept 2021 Lovely Letters.docxDownload
 12th November 2021 Fantastic Phonics.docxDownload
 12th November 2021 Lovely Letters.docxDownload
 17th Sept 2021 Fantastic Phonics.docxDownload
 17th Sept 2021 Lovely Letters.docxDownload
 1st Oct 2021 Fantastic Phonics.docxDownload
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Why not practise your spellings using the 'pyramid spellings' technique or by using imagery to help you remember e.g. draw a bee next to the word bee or an eye next to the word see. We have been practising these is class too!

All about Y2!

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