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St Thomas' Church Of England Primary School

Sports Day is on Wednesday 6th July. KS1&R start 9.15pm. KS2 start 1.15pm. Spectators welcome!

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Welcome to Year 1 2021-2022!



Welcome to Year 1's web page. We hope you find out all the information you need. smiley 

Class Teacher: Mrs K Eaves

PPA cover: Mrs Stones (All day, every other Monday)

SEN 1:1 Support:  a.m. Mrs Greer, p.m. Mrs Riley

Class TA: a.m. Miss Cunningham 

Please use the Year 1 email address to contact me


Year 1 Class Information


There will be a spelling test every Friday in class. There are 3 spelling groups, Mrs Eaves', Mrs Greer's and Miss Cunningham's.

Reading books will be changed every Monday, Wednesday and Friday but can be changed daily if required.  Please make sure reading books and diaries are in school every day. Please sign your child's reading record when they have read to you and add any comments you may wish to make. We will read with your child as much as possible in school but it is incredibly important for them to read at home too.  


P.E. lessons will take place on a Monday and Wednesday.  Please ensure your child comes into school wearing their full P.E. kit.  


Useful links are towards the bottom of the web page.


Year One's School Council Members, Sports Council Members, Eco Warriors and Art Stars!

Letter formation.

In addition to writing numbers 1-20 correctly, it is an end of year expectation in Year 1 to write them in word form correctly. Here are the spellings of numbers 1-20 in words to practise with your children at home.

Year One information

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Topic Web

Friday 1st July

We have had lots of fun this week in music.  We have been listening to Latin pop songs and Bossa Nova music.  We have been learning to play the glockenspiel too!  Check out our videos.  

Friday 24th June

On Thursday in Year One we had an art day.  Our focus was 'street views'.  The children firstly went outside to make observational sketches of the buildings around school.  They then looked at pictures from different artists in varying styles and noted the similarities and differences between them. We then went on to learn about the artist 'James Rizzi'.  The children produced a piece of art in the style of James Rizzi, and learnt about the layering technique, which makes parts of pictures stand out from the paper.  They had a great time and produced some amazing pieces of work.

Homework is a continuation of this.  Please research the artist James Rizzi and write 3 sentences about him in the homework book, and if you like you could produce a piece of art in this style.

Tuesday 21st June

Last Friday we celebrated the Queen's Platinum Jubilee in school.  The children took part in a crown competition and parents joined us for a picnic lunch.  Every class took a decade and performed a song from the decade.  Ours was the 1950's and our song was I Believe by Frankie Lane. The children were amazing and we all had a super time.  Thank you to all who helped us to celebrate and make it such a memorable afternoon. 

Friday 10th June

Wow what a busy first week back we have had.  We have completed our Phonics Screener Check and the children did incredibly well, my Year One super stars! I am very proud of all of them!  The results from the screener will be included in your child's end of year report which will be sent home on Tuesday July 12th.

Today I have sent home the green homework book, to be completed and returned by Thursday please.  The homework this week is telling the time and handwriting practice.


Please send in your home made, decorated crown by Thursday so that it can be judged on Thursday after school in our Crown Competition. Also next Friday afternoon is our Jubilee Celebration. 

It is with great sadness that today Year One have said goodbye to our 3 lovely gentle guinea pigs, Maureen, Fishy and Sandy.  They have gone to live in their forever home with a lovely caring family who can give them lots of love and attention.

Friday 20th May

Happy Holiday's

This week in school we have continued with our Phonics Screener practice, and the children are all making good progress reading the real and nonsense words.  Please continue to practice the words sent home for homework over the holidays with your child.  The phonics screener will take place the first week back after the half term holiday.

This week in maths we have been measuring using base ten sticks and cubes, rulers and metre rules. The children had to decide which to use depending upon the object being measured.

Friday 13th May

This week in school we have continued with our Phonics Screener practice, and the children are all making good progress reading the real and nonsense words.  Please continue to practice the words sent home for homework over the week with your child.

In maths this week we have been learning to identify equal parts and halving numbers within 20. We progressed onto solving one-step problems involving division by calculating the answer using concrete objects and pictorial representations.

We have enjoyed the picture book 'Stuck!' by Oliver Jeffers this half term.  We have written the story in guided writing sessions this week and next week the children will be writing their own innovated version of the story. 

Our amazing Year One children are making good progress with their handwriting too!  Very proud of them. 

Friday 29th April

Happy Bank Holiday weekend! Please note school will be closed to all children next Monday and Thursday.

For homework this week please continue to practice the Phonics Screener words.  I have tried to encourage children to use their finger to point to the words when reading them to ensure they read the words slowly and carefully and hopefully to avoid making silly mistakes. 

Many thanks for all of your support.

Have a fabulous weekend. Lets hope the sun continues to shine.

Mrs Eaves 

Friday 22nd April

Tomorrow, the 23rd of April is St Georges Day.  Children in St. Georges house can come to school on Monday wearing red.  Please also either wear a pair of trainers, or bring a pair in for PE. Many thanks.

Earth Day is celebrated on 22 April each year and is a day to think about our planet, how we can protect our environment and fight against climate change.  It is important to make sure children understand their responsibility when it comes to looking after our planet - and Earth Day is a great opportunity to get them involved. In school today we have planted wild flowers and saplings, and we discussed why it is important to have flowers and trees in our local environment. 

Every class in school then looked at a different continent, our class continent was Asia.  We learned that Asia is the biggest of all the 7 continents.  We then looked at the country of China on the continent of Asia and the animal of China, the Panda Bear.  The children learned that Panda's come from China, and when Panda's are born they are blind, pink and hairless, and are 7ins long.  They are warm blooded animals. They eat 40lbs of bamboo every day.  Unfortunately, bamboo is also used for buildings and the bamboo forests are being destroyed, so in order for Panda's to survive we need to ensure the bamboo forests are protected.   We also created panda art!  

Wednesday 20th April

This week in maths we have been using balance scales to work out the mass of different objects. 

Tuesday 19th April

Welcome back to school for the summer term.  

Thank you to everyone for your incredible London Vehicle Easter homework.  The models the children have made with you are FANTASTIC! They loved showing their vehicles to their friends. They are now on display in school for everyone to see.  

Friday 1st April

Easter Homework Year One

This term we have been learning all about the UK and the capital city, London. For homework for over the Easter holidays, I would like you to design and make a London vehicle. For example, you could make a London bus, a Black London taxi, the Queen’s Carriage.  The choice is yours. Please send in your vehicle after the Easter holidays.

We have also sent home four reading books today, as we will not be changing reading books on Monday.

We break up on Tuesday 5th April for the Easter holiday.  Please do not send in any school bags on Tuesday. All children are to be collected directly from St Thomas' Church at 2pm.  The whole school is attending the Easter service at church on Tuesday from 1pm, and every class is telling a part of the Easter Story.  You are most welcome to come and join us at church for the service.  

Wishing you all a lovely Easter break.

Enjoy, and thank you for all your support.

Mrs Eaves and the Year One Team.

Friday 25th March

Many thanks for your generous chocolate donation, we are soooo looking forward tom playing chocolate bingo on the last day of term.

We wish all our amazing parents and guardians a fabulous 'Mothering Sunday', we hope you love your card.  Enjoy your special day. 

Most of our seeds have started to grow.  We water them daily and the sunshine is certainly helping!

This week we have been meteorologists.  We have been measuring the temperature, the wind strength using the Beaufort Scale and we are ready to measure the precipitation.  We have performed a sun safety investigation using UV beads.  We put 10 UV beads into 6 petri dishes and put them all outside.  In the first one we done nothing, this was our control sample. The second dish we covered with a pair of sun-glasses. The third dish was covered with a sun-hat. The fourth was covered with a shirt. The fifth we covered in sun cream. The sixth dish we poured water into.   WE ARE SCIENTISTS!

Friday 18th

We are wearing red for Comic Relief!

On Saturday 19th March 10-12pm at St Anne's library they are holding a morning of science experiments including, but not limited to, magnets, balloons and even a lemon! All free!!

Thursday 17th March 

Happy St Patrick's Day!

Thursday 17th March

This week we have been reading different versions of the story 'The Enormous Turnip'.  In English today we were spotting with our finger spotter lights, exclamation marks in the text, and verbs that end in ed, like pulled!

Tuesday 15th March

British Science Week

All week in school we are celebrating British Science Week.  This year's theme is all about about Growth. We have looked at the life cycles of humans, plants and butterflies.  Our main focus this week has been about growing plants from seeds.  We have all planted our very own giant sunflower, and we are having a competition to see who's grows the tallest.  We have also had lots of fun planting our seeds in the polytunnel; we have planted spinach, rocket, radish, micro-greens, rainbow carrots and chard. Our guinea pigs will hopefully be happy ladies!  

You can check out the website of British Science week here

There is also a British Science week poster competition.  All children are invited to design a poster (A4 or A3) about any aspect of GROWTH.  Your poster could explore a tadpole’s journey into a fully grown adult frog, or look at the ways population growth is affecting the planet, or it could be about the life cycle of a plant or growth mindset. If you would like to take part, please return your posters to me before we break up for half-term. 

Thursday 3rd March

World Book Day.  Don't they all look amazing!!

Tuesday 1st March

Happy St David's Day

Friday 25th February,

General reminder- as we start a new half term if you would like your child to have milk please ensure that you have paid via CoolMilk.

Spellings for this half term will go home today - copy on web page if you misplace it.  These results are recorded in the back of the yellow reading record. 

Please ensure you send into school wellies, gloves and an old coat for gardening, these will get dirty!  Please clearly name everything.  Please also send into school a large plastic bottle, as we will use these to grow things in.

Next week is a very busy week in school - reminders for you.

Tuesday- If your child is in St David's House, they can come to school wearing yellow as it is St David's Day.  Their house name is on the front of their yellow reading record.

Wednesday - We will be going to church for Ash Wednesday.

Thursday- World Book Day.

Friday- Fair trade day -  accessorize wearing something yellow. Still full uniform, but you might choose to wear yellow socks, a yellow hair band, yellow tights! 

Thank you for your support

The Year One Team.

Thursday 24th February

This week we have been listening to a variety of different traditional rhymes.  We are focusing on the rhyme Mary, Mary.  The Year One children have learnt the rhyme and have performed it for you. 

Friday 4th February

Today we had a very special visitor, cardboard Queen Elizabeth II came to visit.  We all shook hands with her then and waved our flags.  We had a ROYAL garden party (indoors) and had a fabulous day. 

This week in class we have learnt the song London's Burning!

Tuesday 1st February

The children had a visit today from 2 Giant African Snails.  There names are Flash and Turbo.  Flash is an albino African Snail.  As you can see from the photographs. the difference between these snails and the common garden snail is that the snail shells are pointy, whereas the common garden snail shells are round. Also the Giant African snails can grow to the size of a human head! Flash and Turbo are 6 months old, and they can live to be 7 years old.

Next week in class, Friday 4th February all children are invited to attend the Year One Garden Party, which will conclude our unit on Queen Elizabeth 11. The invitation asks for best clothes (this is not needed, just their own clothes, not school uniform). Please remember, doors and windows are open in class so children must wear something warm and wear sensible shoes and a warm coat for play times. 

Friday 28th January

We have finished our English unit on Zog this week and the children have tried their very best with their independent write! Looking forward to marking their work this weekend and seeing the progress made!

In maths we have started to look at time using the words 'before' and 'after', for example, we put our shoes on 'after' we have put on our socks.  We wash our hands 'before' we eat our fruit.

Friday 21st January

This week in maths we have been learning about coins.  We have looked at the colour, shape and size of the 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p and 20p coins. Children have learnt to recognise that amounts can be made by combining coins in different ways.  Initially, that was simply making amounts using 1p coins, then the children have learnt that they can exchange a number of 1p coins for an alternative coin to make a more efficient way to pay using fewer coins.

Thursday 20th January

This week in class we have been reading and telling the story of Zog.  For homework the children have brought home their story map and they would like to practice telling their innovated version of the story of Zog.   Enjoy!  They have done a super job!

Friday 14th January 

This week in class we have been continuing our learning about fractions.  We have been using the mathematical language of half and quarters, and have been finding a half and a quarter of objects and shapes.  

In English we are reading the story of Zog by Julia Donaldson.  We have also been identifying where missing capital letters should go, and this has been sent home for homework this week.

In History we have been learning about the Great Fire of London, and we learnt the song 'London's Burning'.  

Friday 7th January 2022

Happy New Year to you all.  The Year One Team would like to thank you for your very generous and gorgeous gifts, and your well wishes for the Christmas break, they were greatly appreciated.  We were very spoilt!  Thank you.

The children have settled back into the new school year extremely well.  We have started our new topic, Bright Lights, Big City and we are learning about the four countries of the UK.  The Topic Web for this half term is above here on the Year One web page.  We will be resuming spellings from next Friday.  A hard copy has been sent home today.  If you mislay the spellings they can be downloaded from the Year One web page.  Please remember to send into school every Monday, Wednesday and Friday your child's reading record so we can change their reading book. Please also remember to read at least one Book Club e-book every week. Also the green homework book is to be returned by the Thursday every week so we can send homework home in the book every Friday.  This weeks homework, we are revisiting writing the letter 'h' as some children are writing them like the letter 'n'.  We have been learning about fractions in Maths this week so to consolidate this learning the children will be bringing home  a fractions sheet for homework.  Remember -The number of EQUAL parts in the whole is called the denominator, and this is the number written in the bottom half of the fraction.  

Friday 17th December

Many thanks to everyone who returned the Christingle candle to school.  These have now been collected in and passed on, and all money collected will be greatly appreciated by all those in need at this time of year.  Thank you once again.

Over the festive period please continue reading with your child, book club books have been updated.

You can now watch all the infant superstars in the most amazing nativity play.  We are so incredibly proud of all of the children, brought a tear to our eye! Please check out the link below and enjoy.

All the Year One team wish you all a very merry Christmas, and best wishes for a healthy and happy 2022! 

Thursday 16th December

Christmas party day in Year One.  We also had a very special visitor! Lots of fun and games and a wonderful, fun afternoon was had by all.

Friday 10th December,

We have enjoyed wearing our Christmas jumpers and had a delicious Christmas lunch today.  If you would like to make a donation please  to Save the Children please follow the link:

More info below the photos!


Happy Friday everyone,

We have recorded our part of the Nativity and all the children were AMAZING! The Nativity will be sent via a YouTube link for you to watch the morning of the 17th and we will also watch it in school (on YouTube).   Today there will be a Parent Pay set up giving you the opportunity to purchase a Nativity photograph for £2.50.  Please place your orders by Monday so we can print and send home before the end of term.  There will be two choices i.e. character group and a picture of the whole class.  There will be no limit to how many of each you can order. We cannot accept orders after Parent Pay has closed 12pm Monday. 

The CHRISTMAS PARTY for Y1 is Thursday 16th.  Children can come to school wearing party clothes, sensible shoes and please remember to send in a coat.  Please can you send your child with one or two snacks/treats as this year we cannot share food between us.

If you have put your spare change in the Christingle Candle could you please send it back into school before we finish for Christmas.

Homework this week is to continue with Purple Mash activities linked to Coding- Bubbles. Please continue to read regularly over the next week. 

We hope all the children enjoyed the Christmas Gift Shop!  It was wonderful to watch and listen to them picking their presents and their reasons for their choices!  Super special!   

Let the Christmas crazy fun begin!  


Friday 3rd December

We have been comparing the mass of different objects in maths and used the balance scales to see if we could find objects of equal mass.  The children enjoyed learning all about heaviest, lightest and equal mass!

Thursday 2nd December

We have had lots of cuddles with our 3 guinea pigs, Maureen, Fishy and Sandy.  They have loved it!

Wednesday 1st December

Super movie night!  We enjoyed Frozen.  The children had a super time.

Tuesday 30th November

We enjoyed decorating the big Christmas tree in the school hall with the baubles we have decorated.  These decorations will be sent home at the end of term.  The tree looks beautiful.  We also decorated our classroom too.  Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Tuesday 30th November

Happy St Andrews Day

Friday 26th November

We have had a relatively quite week in year one this week.  We have been learning all about 'Humans' in science.  We have learnt about the human body and the 5 senses.  What we can do to keep fit and healthy and that we are all unique.  We compared our eye colour and put this information into a pictogram which showed us that blue was the most popular eye colour in class and grey the least popular.

We have started reading the story of Little Red Riding Hood in English and have writen adjectives to describe the Big Bad Wolf!

In maths we have been counting in 2's, 5's and 10's and completing repeating patterns.  We have also been finding things that are the same and spotting the odd one out.

Please see the poster above regarding the PTFA and the events they have kindly organised for over the CHRISTMAS period.

Have a super weekend!

Friday 19th November

Homework today- handwriting sheet in home work book. 

Please also complete the 2DO set on Purple Mash, Fun with Fish.  Login details can be found in your child's yellow reading record.  Homework on Purple Mash is about coding.  There are 2 Code videos tutorials, Quick Start on Purple Mash if you need to check out how to do the activity first, and there is also an answer sheet telling you how to do it as well, 2 Code Chimp Solutions.  Enjoy!

Happy Children In Need Day!  Don't they look fantastic!

Friday 12th November

Another super duper week in Year One.  We had our first school trip to Liverpool, check out the post below.  We also learnt about Remembrance Day and painted a poppy picture (sent home in homework book) we hope you love it.  We have been continuing with subtraction in maths and next week we will move onto shape.

We have been learning about how to be an Eco Warrior and now have in school boxes to collect broken plastic toys or electrical equipment- the boxes for the collection can be found in the school entrance alongside the battery recycling. Please see the Read to Recycle presentation attached below for more information. 

Wednesday 10th November

Year One and Year Two had a fabulous school trip to Imagine That in Liverpool.  All children had the most amazing day and they were all super stars.  We spent the first session in the hands on Science floor and made SNOW.  We then stopped for lunch.  After lunch we had the science demonstrations and made slime and bath bombs.  Our final session was in the role play village.  What an incredible day.   Check out our photos!

Friday 5th November

Happy Bonfire night everyone!

The first week back after our half term break has flown by.  We have been very busy in class learning about the six stages of life in science and subtraction in maths. We learnt all about the Hindu festival of Diwali, which lasts for five days and started on Thursday.  We went to church as a whole school on Wednesday for Father Chris' worship.  The children were excellent!  We have re-visited the Christmas story and started practicing our Nativity songs!  Can you believe its that time of year again.

We have sent home today this half terms spellings for you to practice with your child.  There will be a spelling quiz every Friday morning in class for Mrs Eaves' and Miss Cunningham's phonics groups.  Mrs Greer's group are to keep practicing their sounds.  If you misplace the list they can be found at the top of this web page.  

Thank you to all the parents who met with me for the parents evening, don't forget if you need to speak with me my door is always open.  Mrs Eaves

Friday 15th October

We have had a very calm week in class this week. We have made our Cauliflower Christmas Cards in preparation for them to be sent home next week.  The children have all produced a Christmas picture, which if you want to, you can purchase through Cauliflower cards.  They print the design onto a card, wrapping paper, tags etc.  These designs will be sent home on Monday.  If you would like to place an order for any of the Christmas cards, paper, tags etc. please ensure you return the completed forms to school by Wednesday 3rd November at the very latest.  Any questions, please ask.

In maths we have been learning about addition, using tens frames and part, part, whole models.  We will continue with this next week.

Friday we had a yoga lesson, and the children had a very fun time.   Check out our photo's.

Friday 8th October

This week we went to church for our very first whole school worship with Father Chris.  The children were very sensible walking to and from church, and they sat and listened in church well.  They enjoyed the service, and this will happen on the first Wednesday of every month.

Children in group 1 Forest School have had an awesome time.  Check out their photos on the Forest School page.

In maths this week we have been measuring the length and height of objects.  We have used body parts, cubes and paper clips. The children have had lots of fun doing these tasks!


Everyone welcome to the Harvest Festival at St Thomas' Church on Sunday 3rd October at 10:30am-11:15am.

Thank you for your kind harvest donations.


Friday 1st October
The children have worked incredibly hard this week and I am very proud of them.  

In class we have introduced 'money bags', where the children have 10p made up of a different combination of coins, and during continuous provision they 'spend' their money on a range of different activities.  This involves children recognising the cost, working out which coins they need to pay for it and then working out any change they should receive, and how much money they have left. They have loved this.  The money bags will be frequently topped up.

In maths we have been making number lines and also representing numbers 0 to 29 using unstructured equipment such as Unifix, bundles of straws, ten frames and structured equipment such as Base 10, by creating groups of ten and ones.  The children have made super progress with this.


3oth September

European Languages Day- FRENCH!

The children looked AMAZING!  We tasted brioche, learnt about the country France and about the capital city, Paris. We learnt colours and greetings in French and made the  "tricolore" (three-colour) flag.

27th September

We have been learning about directions in Geography.  The children were given a list of directional instructions to follow. This included left and right turns. They have also been programming the Bee Bots to follow directional instructions too.

Friday 24th September

We have had a very busy week in Year One.  In geography we have been learning about the 7 continents. The children love the 7 continents song (link at bottom of the page).

In Science we have been identifying different types of animals. We have opened the St Thomas' Vets in class (role-play area), which the children LOVE! 

Next Thursday, the 30th September we will be celebrating the European Day of Languages.  In Year One we will be learning all about France.  On Thursday the children can come to school wearing something French! Oooh la la!  Maybe a beret or a breton top, or something red, white and blue.  We will also be sampling some French food too.  

Friday 10th September

What a fabulous first week in Year One the children have had.  They have all settled into the class and school routines extremely well.  They have made good progress with their reading, please remember to send their reading packet back to school daily in  (including the clear packet).

We had a lovely treat, we watched the Wizard of Oz production, which the children loved. 

We have started using the Class Dojo, please remember not to change the Dojo Monster, as each child has their own, so there are no duplicates in class. 

Thank you for your support this week, and your patience at home times whilst I learn faces and names.

Have a super weekend.

Mrs Eaves and the Year One Team

Our Fabulous Year One class!

Friday 10th September

We have had a fantastic first week in class.  Well done to all the children for settling in so well.    

On Thursday we watched the performance of The Wizard of Oz, which the children loved.

We have set up our class DOJO's and our DOJO board.  The children each have their own DOJO monster, please do not change these as every child has their own monster, no duplicates in the class. The children will get a reward when they reach 25. 60, 100, 150 and 225 DOJO points.

Thursday 2nd September

The Year One team cannot wait to meet you and your child and welcome you all to Year One.  

Some general information regarding the first week in class.

The first week we will spend time getting to know each other and settling into our new class routines.  It all all very exciting! Your child will be tired when coming home from a full day of school as they get used to being back in school again after the holidays, so homework will not be sent home until Friday 17th September. I will send more information out regarding this in the coming weeks.  

Over the first week in class I will listen to your child read to ensure they are on the correct level reading book.  I will then send home a reading book along with information about Bug Club.  Please try to read with your child every night, or at a minimum 3 times per week.  Please ensure when you have listened to your child read you sign in their yellow reading record to let me know how they got on with their book.  Reading books will be changed in class every Monday, Wednesday and Friday so please ensure they are sent in on these days.  Please also read one online Bug Club book per week too.  These online books will be updated weekly to reflect any new phonemes (sounds) learnt in class that week.