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St Thomas' Church Of England Primary School

School closed Good Friday & Easter Monday only for keyworker's children!

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Welcome to Year One!

Class Teacher: Mrs Mason

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Greer

Learning Support: Mrs Harrison and Mrs Kelly

PPA Cover: Mrs Stones Wednesday AM

Forest School Cover: Mrs Sayer Friday PM

Mrs Stones will be teaching PE and RE.

Mrs Sayer will be teaching music and PHSE.

Our PE days are Tuesday and Wednesday.

The children can change their reading book every day.  Please read daily and record in your children's reading record.

Year One will be taking part in Forest School during the Autumn term.  

7th April 2020


Happy Tuesday everybody!  Thank you for all your emails and photographs of your Spring learning.  It looks like you have been very busy!  Keep in touch using the year one email address.  I would love to see what you have all been up to! Keep safe and well ;-)


2nd April 2020


Hello Year One,  I hope you are all happy, healthy and well!  I am missing you all very much and I would love to see what you have been up to!  Please email me any pictures of you doing something fun, you can ask me any questions you'd like the answer to and let me know how you are getting on.  The email is



16th March 2020


Today in guided reading some children have been answering questions about a traditional tale.  Some children have been sorting fiction from non-fiction books.

13th March 2020


Please watch the above video and practise hand washing at home.  We have been watching this video and washing our hands regularly in school. 


9th March 2020

This week the spellings are words we've used that contain silent letters i.e. knee, knock, live and have.  Some children have the spellings flag, crab, float and broom.

9th March 2020

Today we were in Forest School making some pancakes!  We will use this experience to write instructions for somebody else to use!  We made a 'you will need' list and listened carefully for our bossy verbs e.g. crack, pour, sprinkle and melt. 





6th March 2020


Blast OFF!!!!! We have been very lucky in Y1 to get up closer and learn about a real life rocket that has been launched up to Space! This 9m tall rocket has created awe and wonder today around school and we enjoyed a very special rocket launch at the end of the day too! 


We’ve been splattering paint and using food to make constellations! We’ve been designing flowers to live in other plants and packing a rocket with all the food we’d like on a trip into outer space!


Wow, what wonderful characters coming into school for World Book Day! We began a two day Space Science extravaganza today starting with the story Aliens Love Underpants! We made ‘moving’ rocket pictures in DT by making sliders and fixers and role played being an astronaut. 

3rd March 2020


Today we have been planting our seed potatoes.  We have used this experience to write instructions for another class so they will be able to have a go to.  

2nd March 2020


This week the spellings for most children are 'au' words. They are Paul, August, autumn and author.  Some children are learning to spell words with 'er' in them.  They are fern, her, sister and flower.  Please say a sentence, write the sentence then read it back to check it makes sense. Sentences should have a capital letter, a full stop at the end and finger spaces.  For extra challenge try using and, but, so or because to make the sentence more interesting. 


26th February 2020


Today we have been observing and recording the spring flowers that are growing at St Thomas'.  We looked at the petals and how they are different.  Ask your child the difference between a snowdrop and a crocus.

25th February 2020


This week the spellings are tricky words from 'Phase Four' phonics.  They are the words little, said, have and like.  These are words that are commonly mis-pelt in sentences.  Please think of a good sentence that makes sense, use a capital letter at the beginning, finger spaces and a full stop to end the sentence.  Use the word and, but or so to make it more interesting. Some children will have the words they, this, them and then. 


13th February 2020


Today we have had a visit from Guide Dogs for the Blind!  This has helped us understand the importance of our senses and how people who need support can be helped.  We made some Braille using glue and buttons.  We also used the skill of folding to make a Guide Dog of our own.

6th February 2020

Today we have been learning about our senses and using Mr Potato Heads to show our understanding!  We have also been making a prediction!  Do the biggest hands hold the most?

5th February 2020


Today we tidied up our school grounds by taking part in our Y1 litter picking session.  We know that litter is not good for plants or animals. 

3rd February 2020

Today we have been learning to count in twos and groups of two ready for our 2x tables later in the year.  We have also been logging on to our BugClub books and enjoy a story or non-fiction text.  Please complete one of these a week.

3rd February 2020

This weeks words are focusing on spelling ou (ow) as in cloud, about, louder and spout.  Some children have the words manure, pure and sure. 


30th January 2020


Today we have been learning about our senses!  We have been exploring a mystery box with our hands, smelling tissues to identify different smells, testing our eyes and listening to shakers filled with different objects.  We have also been making 2d robots and reading to our robot T rex.     Please remember to read a BUG CLUB book once a week.  The children have been shown how to use this fabulous resource today!

27th January 2020


This week the spellings are words with 'ir' in them.  They are third, twirl, skirt and dirt.  Some children are learning to spell curl, fur, fern and perch. 


27th January 2020


Today in ICT we have been programming.  We had to give a turtle and a caterpillar instructions to move around the map. 

23rd January 2020


Today we have been thinking about how Bernard from the story of Nobot was thinking, feeling and what he could have been saying. 

20th January 2020


This week the spellings use the digraph ay.  They are today, tray, May and pays. Some children are practising air words i.e. fair, hair, chair and pair. 


16th January 2020


What a privilege it has been to take Year One children to Imagine That in Liverpool.  Their behaviour was impeccable and they got really 'stuck' in to all the Science, Technology and role play.  What a great day!!



This week we have been painting, printing and drawing to create a piece of art work for a local competition called Our Land Our Schools.  

13th January 2020


This week have been spelling ie words lie, cried, tie and pies.  Some children are learning to spell ear words i.e. beard, ears, hear and tear.


10th January 2020


This week in Maths we have met a robot called Ron who is helping us with our place value.  We have been learning about tens and ones and how we can represent two digit numbers.  Have a go at home e.g. 33 is three lots of ten (jumps) and three ones (claps).


Welcome back!  We have already begun the year with lots of reading, writing, counting and exercise. Please note that I have replenished all the BUG CLUB books in your Active Learn accounts.  Please read a BUG CLUB book once a week as a minimum and reading should take place every day if possible.  Reading practise is the key to accomplished and confident readers. 

Please can full PE kits be back in school ready for PE Tuesday 7th January 2020.


HAPPY ECO CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY ECO NEW YEAR! This is our Y1 Christmas tree that we have made out of egg boxes and bottle top lids!  

19th December 2019


Today we invited Y4 to help us with a Christmas number hunt.  We had to work as a team and spot 24 numbers around school.  We had to draw the picture and write the word in the correct box.  It was exciting!

18th December 2019


Wow, what an amazing day being Christmas crazy!  We have been taking part in lots of Christmas activities, playing games in the hall, welcoming a special visitor and eating lots of yummy food! 

16th December 2019


This weeks spellings are Christmas words.  They are; tree, Jesus, star and Santa.

13th December 2019


Today we had GREAT fun wearing our Christmas jumpers and enjoyed a delicious Christmas dinner in the hall!  We pulled crackers, told jokes and listened to Christmas party songs.  Thank you to all the kitchen staff, you were ace!!



This week we are spelling the words my, by, there and where.  Some children have turn, curl, town and owl. 

9th December 2019


This week we have been learning about poetry.  We have been learning and performing a snowman poem.  Later this week we will use this poem to make our own. 

2nd December 2019


This week our spellings have a split digraph u_e in them.  We are spelling the words flute, cute, cube and tune.  Some children are spelling the words jar, card, storm and fork. Remember these are to be written in a sentence that makes sense, starts with a capital letter and ends with a full stop. 


2nd December 2019

Today we have been using coins to work out how much our initial letter.  We tried counting in 1p coins and 2p coins. 

25th November 2019


This week the spellings are words that have split digraph o_e in them.  They are home, rope, bone and stove. Some children are spelling the words with oo (long and short) in. They are hoop, zoom, book and cook.


22nd November 2019


Today we have been on the 'LIFE EDUCATION BUS'!  We have learned all about the things we need to be healthy!  We have talked about getting an early night so our body can grow and repair. We know about exercise and eating healthily. We have designed a lunch box with the 4 important things we need: Calcium to help our teeth and bones, protein to help our muscles, carbohydrates for energy and fruit and vegetables to help us feel good from the inside. 

19th November 2019


This morning we used magnifying glasses and our senses to observe, talk about and record the change in weather.  It was frosty! We then wrote lots of questions that we wanted to know about frost e.g. What time did the frost appear?  Where did it come from?

18th November 2019


Today Year One have planted a 'HAZEL' sapling.  They worked as a team to put the garden cane and plastic covering over the top. We hope our saplings will grow and provide food for lots of animals.

18th November 2019


This week our spellings contain split digraph i_e.  They are bikes, lime, dive and hide.  Some children have the words light, night, fight and high.  


13th November 2019


Today we have been visited by Mr Larkin from Healthy Heads.  He has talked to us about our self esteem.  We have listened to a story, played a game and then moved around the hall in lots of different ways as if we worked by remote control.  Ask your child what they had to do when they were oaused, played, fast forwarded, turned off and recorded. 

Enter text...

12th November 2019


Today in Maths we have been learning about positional words under, over above, in between and next to. We have been putting mini versions of ourselves all around our outdoor area using these words. 


This week the spellings are split digraph e_e words i.e. Pete, swede, these and even.  Some children have ai and ee words.  Please make sure these are written into a sentence. 




Please note that spellings will be sent home tomorrow due to a Forest School session this afternoon and spending the morning learning about remembrance day. 

11th November 2019


Today we made Flanders field using the skill of printing.  Each child added a poppy in a place of their choice. The children are bringing a copy of our picture home for you to talk about and or display at home.  We will remember. 

7th November 2019


WOW! What a day!  We were visited by a local historian who told us all about the fire of London and what it would have been like in London at that time.  We listened to stories, looked at artifacts, played games, sorted artifacts based on their materials, weaved and even put out the fire! 


5th November 2019


Today in PE we have been learning how to throw underarm and to catch.  We worked with a partner using a hexaball.


4th November 2019


This week we are spelling words with split digraph a_e in them i.e. lake, bake, made and sale   The magic e at the end changes the soft vowel int a hard vowel but then it loses all its power.  Some children will be spelling me, we, be and he.

1st November 2019


WOW!  Super rock star Maths today!  We have been counting all week which will prepare the children for learning their timestables later in the year! We have also been playing bingo too!



Today we have been counting in 5s.  Check out this video to help you practise

30th October 2019


The children in Y1 are bringing home this weeks spellings.  They are season related: pumpkin. leaf, tree and Autumn.  Please remember to put them each in a sentence that starts with a capital letter and ends in a full stop.  Some children have the spellings: fox, van, zip and yak. 

This week they DO NOT need handing in until next Monday 4th November as they have been handed out a little later due to me being on a Outdoor First Aid Course.  


Autumn 2- Please find our next topic web (the things we will be learning about) below.  These can be subject to slight change following children's interests. 

Please collect red leaves as part of your nature homework.  We will be using them for Rememberance day art.

18th October 2019


This week we have been learning about longer, shorter and taller.  We has to make towers and compare them using mega Maths words. 

16th October 2019


Today we have been learning about animals from hot countries and cold countries. We talked abut camouflage and features that help them cope in the different climates. 

15th October 2019

Today we have been learning about longer and shorter in Maths.  We have been into our Forest School area, chosen a stick and recorded lines with chalk to show our understanding.

14th October 2019


This week the spellings are based around our role play area.  They are the words pets, vets, ill and help. Some children have the word chip, fish,  thin and that. 

SOS- Please can you collect and send in kitchen rolls (the empty tube) and bottle tops. We will be making an ECO display and using the tubes for work on length and height next week. 

9th October 2019


This afternoon in Science we have been asking questions to sort and classify (group).  We started by using licorice all sorts then we used our skills to ask questions about British wildlife.  We have sorted the smooth newt, robin, adder, red squirrel, perch and ant.

Forest School

Group One will have their final session on Monday 14th October 2019.     Group Two will have their first session on Friday 11th October 2019.

Please remember to send in wellingtons, gloves, hat and a waterproof jacket (labelled). We provide the waterproof trousers.


8th October 2019

Today, in Geography we have been learning about the SEVEN continents. We have been using an ATLAS app, MAPS, GLOBES and Atlas books to explore, discuss and locate each continent.  We have also been painting the water part of our own earth. We have learned a song which you can listen to as well if you follow this link.

7th October 2019

This week the spellings are: when, what, wish and wind. Some children have ll, ss and ff words.  Please put each word into a sentence.  Remember a sentence starts with a capital letter, makes sense, finger spaces and ends in a full stop!



7th October 2019


The Y1 vets surgery is now open!  This week we will be open for 'pets'!  Next week we will be open for zoo animals and British wildlife too!

2nd October 2019


This week we have been learning about adding up and how it is the opposite of subtraction.  Subtraction facts can help us with an addition fact e.g. 6-2=4 can be changed to 4+2=6.  We have also been learning 'phase 5' letter sounds (grapheme/phonemes).  We start each phonics session practising all the sounds we have learned so far. Today we had a new teacher! ;-)

30th September 2019


Today we have had two special visitors!  Katy is a veterinary nurse and Mo is her tortoise. Katy told us all about Mo, what kind of animal he is and what makes him special.  She also talked to us about her job.  Thank you Katy!

23rd September 2019


Today we have been learning about 2D shapes.  We have been making shape characters and shape pictures.  Tomorrow we sort 2D shapes and use mega Maths words such as curved, straight, corner and side. 


This week the spellings have the oy and ir letter/sound.  Some children will practise cvc animal names. 

20th September 2019


This week we have been creating story maps about Billy's bucket.  We have been learning to retell a story by using the story map.  This is a video of us performing our story.  Next week we will innovate the story to create our own.   We have also been learning to start a sentence with a capital letter. Super start to Year 1 English!

18th September 2019


This afternoon in Science we have been asking questions to find out which animal we are.  We have also been sorting ourselves into the six animal groups e.g. reptiles have scales and they are cold blooded but mammals have hair or fur. 

16th September 2019


Today we have been retelling a story of Billy's Bucket using story stones. What happened at the beginning?  What comes next?


Our spellings this week have the alternative spelling ay, ea and ie in them.  Some children z x and y words.

10th September 2019


Today we have watched the M and M production of 'Alice in Wonderland'.  It was great fun!

9th September


Today we have been making a prediction about a book using the front cover.  What do you think this story is about?     


Spellings- Please practise this weeks spellings and return the sheet on Friday.  

This week the spellings are: are all her she me we be they.  Some children have the spellings: I go no to into and the.

Homework- This weeks homework is based on reading and ordering numbers to twenty.  If you need to borrow some scissors and a glue stick, please ask at home-time. 


Please return Forest School letters by Monday 9th September. 


6th September 2019

Today in Maths we have been making number lines.  We have been making a number line to put up in our classroom using our fingers too. 

5th September 2019

Today we have been thinking about our 'Gospel' value which is FRIENDSHIP!  We talked about how we are all special and how together with our friends we can do things extra special. We each chose a primary colour and mixed it together with a friend to make another special colour.  

Also, we have introduced our class Science topic all about ANIMALS!  We watched a clip of Peppa Pig and talked about how we knew she was NOT real.  We sorted pictures into not real and real pigs and recorded our idea.  Super Science work Year One!

4th September 2019

Today in Maths we have been learning how to count accurately using numbers to twenty and beyond.  We have been carefully counting because we only use one number name for each object.  We also worked as a team!