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St Thomas' Road, Lytham St. Annes, Lancashire FY8 1JN

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St Thomas' Church Of England Primary School

School re-opens on Monday 12th June at 8.45am. We wish all our families a lovely break!


Extra CurriculaR Clubs and Activities


Our School Choir have enjoyed Carol Singing in the local community once again. They visited The Hamptons, St Annes Library and the Delaheys Home.  Here you can hear them singing for the residents. 

13th February 2020


This week at Science club we have been learning about 'convection'!  We used the heat of our hands to make paper spin without touching it.  we also investigated 'thrust' using a balloon, string, tape and a straw!

30th January 2020

This week we were designing a chair out of paper to hold a jelly baby (STEM challenge) and changing the state of chocolate using heat.  The children wore goggles and learned about being safe around candles/heated metal.  The chocolate changed from a solid to a liquid and when it cooled it became a solid again.

23rd January 2020


This week in Science club we have been learning about food chains.  We have made links between producers, predators, prey and consumers.  The children have been dissecting an owl pellets to see what prey they had caught.  The children also learned about how owls cannot digest bones and fur.  How exciting and a little bit smelly! We found bird, mouse and mole skulls, feet and hip bones to name but a few! The barn owl pellets were soaked in antibacterial water, we wore gloves and washed our hands carefully with soap afterwards!

16th January 2020


This week in science club we have been creating chemical reactions!  We used vinegar (acid) and bicarbonate of soda (alkali) to make a rubber glove inflate, high five!  We also used vegetable oil, food colouring, vitamin c tablets and a plastic bottle to make a lava lamp.  Great work super Scientists!

31st October 2019


Today in Nature club we have been planting seasonal bulbs in the shape of a cross.  We hope to nurture them and see them grow in Spring. We learned how to put a bulb into the ground i.e. nose up and roots down.

17th October 2019


This week we have been British Bird watching.  We used apples from our garden, seeds from our wildflower garden and sticks to make bird feeders.  We listened t the 'RSPB Birdsong Podcast' and talked about providing food for birds over winter.  Why not make a 'Cheerio' bird feeder too!

10th October 2019


This week we learned about red squirrels and what they need to survive.  We looked for berries, seeds, fungi, insects and bark.  We then made hats to show what we would eat if we were squirrels!

3rd October 2019


This week in nature club we learned all about hedgehogs!  We now know some wow facts, we made a hedgehog home that is warm, dry and dark in our Forest School area and we made our own hibernating hedgehogs out of clay. 

19th September 2019


What a wonderful time we had at our first nature club.  We spent the time pond dipping and finding out what we have living there.  We found pond snails, water fleas and some beetle larvae. 

The children in Y5 have been taking part in a 'stacking' club at lunch times.  We timed how fast they could take the cups down in a stack.  Thank you Mr Groves and Miss Jackson for leading it. 

KS2 Baking Club 2


This week we have been making pizzas.  We know about yeast and how it helps the dough to prove.  We had to knead, roll and shape the dough.  We made some pizza sauce and added our toppings.  We then watched how Jamie Oliver makes stone baked pizzas outside in a clay oven. 

KS2 Baking Club 2


The children have been measuring ingredients and following a recipe to make gingerbread men in groups.  We have been using spices and using techniques such as sieving, mixing and rolling. 

KS2 Baking Club 1


Over the last three weeks the children have been using a variety of techniques.  Week one, we made gingerbread men using spices, mixing rolling and decorating.  During the second session (week two) the children had to follow instructions to make cakes by themselves.  During the final session the children made their own pizzas from scratch. The children had to use yeast, knead, let the dough prove, roll and spin, as well as add their own toppings.  Great work bakers!


17th January 2019


What a great first session for group two!  The children all worked well as a team to mix, sieve, crack, spoon and bake their own fairy cakes! Next week we will be making 'hedgehog' bread!


6th December 2018


Today our bakers made gingerbread.  We had gingerbread men, ladies and even a gingerbread alien!  We had to chill and roll our mixture before baking.  We explored the spices that we used too! 



29th November 2018


Today we made 'hedghog buns'.  We made up the bread mix, kneaded, proved and baked our hedgehogs. To make the spikes we used scissors before putting them in the oven.


22nd November 2018


The first baking club was extra fun!  We made fairy cakes and decorated them. 


Gardening Club May 2018, making Slug Pubs and weeding the planters.

Congratulations to the Choir and Mrs Palmer for winning the St George's Day Choir Competition on Tuesday 24th April 2018



April 2018

Gardening Club have been busy weeding their planters and staking their peas.  We have shoots in our onion planters, potato shoots in our sacks and peas shoots in our planters.  Our carrots need a little more time to grow!  The hot weather means our gardeners will need to water the planters daily!  

Gardening Club planting onions, peas, carrots and potatoes, March 2018


In gardening club we have been digging up the soil, clearing weeds and planting seasonal bulbs.  We have also been making signs to ask people to stay off the grass!


At 'STEMKIDS' club we have been making design and make lots of different structures and games using forces.

Football and Netball 2018/19 

Coaching from Gill Walker (Blackpool Netball) and Chris Churchman ( Milligan and McCann)

Tuesday am 8am-8.45am Netball and Boys football.

Wednesday am 8am-8.45 Girls Football. 

Years 4,5 and 6 welcome! 

Games are played against other schools on a Tuesday after school. See the school newsletter for fixtures and check back here weekly for our results. :) 

Squads will be picked on a rotation and every effort will be made to make sure all players are able to represent their school. 

See Miss Hindle or Mr Wormleighton for more details. 



A team

ST Thomas 5- Our Lady Star Of The Sea 6

St Thomas 2- Lytham C Of E 19

St Thomas - AKS

B team 

St Thomas 3- Our Lady Star Of The Sea 0

St Thomas 2- Lytham C Of E 6

St Thomas- AKS


A team

St Thomas- Our Lady Star Of The Sea

ST Thomas- Heyhouses

St Thomas - Lytham C Of E

St Thomas- AKS

B team 

ST Thomas- Our Lady Star Of The Sea

St Thomas - Heyhouses

ST Thomas - Lytham C Of E

St Thomas- AKS