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Achievers and Awards Blog

Weekly Achievers and Awards 17/11/17

Catherine Ide (c.ide) on: Achievers and Awards Blog

Weekly Achievers 17/11/17

  YR    Most Merits Award - Lucinda and Annabel O.
          FAB - Noah and Lucinda.

 Y1     First Merits Award - Reuben, Eva, Taylor and Olivia.
          Master of Maths Award - Isla.

Y2      First Merits Award -Lucy, Amie, Angus, Jonathan and Bethany.
          Bronze Merits Award - Grace, Louise, Steffan, Erin, Luca, Alfie, Emily and Max M.
          Silver Merits Award - Tom.

          Most Merits Award - Steffan.

          FAB Award - Lucy.
Y3      Most Merits Award - Scarlett and Emilia.
          FAB Award - Charlie and Taylor.

Y4      Bronze Merits Award - Henry and Rhys.
          Most Merits Award -Edward and Junior.
          FAB Award - Edward and Hayden.
          Master of Maths - Edward.

          FAB Award - Junior.

Y5     Master of Maths Award - Charlie

          Handwriting Award - Tia.

          Represented School in Athletics Tournament - Leo, Jake, Daniel, Charlie, Elise, Iona and Bethan.

Y6      First Merits Award - Alfie, Harley, Jamie and George

          Bronze Merits Award - Theo.

          Most Merits Award - Theo.

          Master of Maths Award - Liam and Roxanne.

          Manners Award - Theo.

          Represented School in Athletics Tournament - Nicole, Thomas, Joe, Hattie, Kattie, Seren, Sarah, Theo, Mya, Bailey P, James O, Byron, Connor, Rachael, Grace, Finn and Bailey J.


Weekly Achievers Awards Friday 10th November

Catherine Ide (c.ide) on: Achievers and Awards Blog

Weekly Achievers 10/11/17

  Y1    First Merits Award - Rosie, Arianna, Taylor, Chloe, and Rhys.
          FAB - Jazmin.

 Y2     First Merits Award - Erin, Alicjq, Kaitlyn, Fynn, Daisy, and Charlie.
          Bronze Merits Award - Benjamin and Tom.
          Most Merits Award - Tom and Felix.
          FAB Award - Daisy.

Y3     Most Merits Award - Emilia, Lilly, Mario and Melody.
         Master of Maths Award - Lee.
         FAB Award - Melody.
Y4     Whole Class FAB Award
          First Merits Award - Patrycja, Lilly, Izzy and Charlie.
          Bronze Merits Award - Sami, Samuel and Eleanor.
          Most Merits Award - Ethan, Samuel, Rhys and Charlie.
          FAB Award - Gabriel and Matthew.

Y5     First Merits Award - Ashley
          Bronze Merits Award - Joseph, Luca, Bethan, Daniel, Jake, Hayden, Leo, George and Max.
          Most Merits Award - Lucas.
          FAB Award - Edward and Hayden.
          Silver Guitar Award - Edward and George.

Y6     First merits Award - Nicole, Sarah, Liam, Byron, Roxanne, Robert, Finn, Grace, Mya, Harvey, Joseph and Thomas.
          Most Merits Award - Theo and Hattie.


Weekly Achievers and Awards 13/10/17

Catherine Ide (c.ide) on: Achievers and Awards Blog

Weekly Achievers 20/10/17



Y1     Sanjay - FAB Award.


Y2     Erin - Most Merits Award and FAB Award; Lilly - Master of Maths Award; Benjamin - Bronze Merits Award; Tom - Bronze Merits Award.


Y3     Charlie, Joseph, Scarlet, Ollie, Emilia, Daniel, Finneus, Ellvie, Boyd, Lilly, Lee, Mario, Grace, Melody, Mia, Noah and Maia - First Merits Award; Lottie - FAB Award;     Lee - Fab Award.


Y4     Gabriel, Matthew, Ethan, Vicky, lily, Brooke, Oliver - First Merits Award; Henry - Most Merits Award and FAB Award; Kaspars - FAB Award.

Y5     Harley and Bethan - FAB Award; James - Manners Award.


Y6     Lola, Rachael, Theo, Hattie, Bailey P and Seren - First Merits Award; Harley and Jamie - Master of Maths Award; Bailey P - Most Merits Award; and May - FAB Award


Weekly Achievers 13/10/17

Catherine Ide (c.ide) on: Achievers and Awards Blog

Weekly Achievers 13/10/17



Y1     Libby - Master of Maths; Grayson - FAB Award, Adam - Most Merits Award.


Y2     Tom - Most Merits Award; Daisy - Master of Maths Award and FAB Award.


Y3     Charlie - Master of Maths Award; Joseph - FAB Award; Ollie - Most Merits Award, Lilly - FAB Award; Mia - Master of Maths Award.


Y4     Abigail, Henry, Travis, Sami, Edward, Aimee, George, Samuel, Eleanor, Cameron, Solomon and Charlie - First Merits Award;

         Travis - Most Merits Award; Samuel - Master of Maths Award; Rhys - Master of Maths Award;


Y6     Jacob - FAB Award; Rachael - Most Merits Award; Seren - Master of Maths Award

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