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Congratulations to Y1 for having the best attendance Week 2 Spring Term!

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Achievers and Awards Blog

Weekly Achievers and Awards 11/01/19

Catherine Ide (c.ide) on: Achievers and Awards Blog

Weekly Achievers 11/01/19


Rec   Most Merits Award - Jaycee and Merryn.

         First Merits Award - Oliver

         Bronze Merits Award - Jaycee, Mason, Elizabeth, Millie, Aaron and Willow.

         FAB Award - Elizabeth.


Y1     FAB Award - Alex.   

         Master of Maths Award - Bradley.


Y2      Silver Merits Award - Chloe, Ethan and Elina.

          Gold Merits Award - Ellie and Zachary.

          Master of Maths Award - Rhys.

          FAB Award - Ameilia.

          Master of Maths Award - Grayson.

Y3      FAB Award - Lucy and Mikey.

          Most Merits Award - Mia.         

          Silver Merits Award - Louise.

          Master of Maths Award - Felix.


Y4     Most Merits Award - Grace.

          FAB Award - Jacob and Mario.

          Bronze Merits Award - Boyd and Mario.

          Manners Award - Abigail.


Y5      FAB Award - Ethan.

          Handwriting Award - Solomon.

          Most Merits Award -Ethan and George.

          Master of Maths Award - Whole Class

Y6      FAB Award - Harley.

          Master of Maths Award - Callum.

          First Merits Award - Elise, Sophie, Iona, Emmie, Bethan, Jake, Toks and Leo.

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Weekly Achievers and Awards 14/12/18

Catherine Ide (c.ide) on: Achievers and Awards Blog

Weekly Achievers 14/12/2018


Rec   Most Merits Award - Ethan.

         Bronze Merits Award - Ewan, Olivia, Evie, Amelia, Mason, Taylor, Emilia, Archie, Alex, Alfie and Bella.

         FAB Award - Whole Class


Y1     FAB Award - Theo and Alex and the Whole Class.   


Y2      Bronze Merits Award - Libby, Sanhjay, Ceejay, Cody, Isla, Grayson and Izzy.

          Master of Maths Award - Rhys.

          FAB Award - Whole class and Grayson.

Y3      FAB Award - Lucy and Mikey.

          Most Merits Award - Mia.

          First Merits Award - Erin and Jonathan.

          Bronze Merits Award - Stefania.

          Silver Merits Award - Angelo.


Y4     Most Merits Award - Noah.

          FAB Award - Lottie and Whole Class.

          Bronze Merits Award - Daniel.

          Silver Merits Award - Melody.


Y5      FAB Award - George and Whole Class.

          First Merits Award - Edward, Alistair and Emily.

          Bronze Merits Award - Gabriel, Sami, Aimee, Matthew, Samuel, Junior, Charlie and Oliver.

          Silver Merits Award - Henry, Travis and Solomon.

          Most Merits Award - Henry.

Y6      FAB Award - Lucas and James.

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Weekly Achievers and Awards 07/12/2018

Catherine Ide (c.ide) on: Achievers and Awards Blog

Weekly Achievers 07/12/2018


Rec   Most Merits Award - Jaycee and Bella.

         FAB Award - Harry and Willow.


Y1     FAB Award - Clara and Sienna.   


Y2      Bronze Merits Award - Arianna.

          Silver Merits Award - Rhys and Annie.

          Gold Merits Award - Amelia.

          Master of Maths Award - Olivia.

          FAB Award - zachary.

Y3      FAB Award - Benjamin.


Y4     Most Merits Award - Daniel and Charlie.

          FAB Award - Noah.

          Bronze Merits Award - Mia.

          Master of Maths Award - Ellvie.


Y5      FAB Award - George.

          First Merits Award - Eleanor, Vicky and Izzy.

          Bronze Merits Award - Vicky, Cameron and Brooke.

Y6      FAB Award - Whole Class.


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Achievers and Awards 23/11/2018

Catherine Ide (c.ide) on: Achievers and Awards Blog

Weekly Achievers 23/11/2018


Rec   Most Merits Award - Anna and Archie.

         FAB Award - Ewan, Anna, Evia and Archie.


Y1     Master of Maths Award - Annabel O.   

          FAB Award - Thomas S and Theo.   


Y2     Bronze Merits Award - Reuben, Taylor, Millie and Freddy.

          Silver Merits Award - Zachary.

          Gold Merits Award - Charlotte.

          Master of Maths Award - Libby.

          FAB Award - Alannah

Y3      Silver Merits Award - Tom and Emily.         

          Most Merits Award - Louise.

          FAB award - Alicja and Felix.

          Master of Maths Award - Angus.


Y4     Most Merits Award - Emilia and Melody.

          FAB Award - Joseph and Abigail.

          Bronze Merits Award - Finneus and Jack.

          Silver Merits Award - Lilly.


Y5      FAB Award - Patrycja and Samuel.

          Most Merits Award - Henry.

          Master of Maths Award - Izzy.

          First Merits Award - Gabriel, Patrycja, Abigail, Ruby, Junior, Cameron, Charlie and Oliver.

Y6      Master of Maths Award - Sophie.

          FAB Award - Emmie.


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Acheievers and Awards 16/11/18

Catherine Ide (c.ide) on: Achievers and Awards Blog

Weekly Achievers 16/11/2018


Rec   First Merits Award - Taylor, Ethan and Alfie.

         Most Merits Award - Alex.

         FAB Award - Ethan and Bella.


Y1     Master of Maths Award - Oliver, Noah and Logan.   

          FAB Award - Jett.   


Y2     Bronze Merits Award - Eva, Heidi and Grayson.

          Silver Merits Award - Adam.

          Gold Merits Award - Alannah.

          Master of Maths Award - Eva.

          FAB Award - Ceejay.                                                      

Y3      First Merits Award - Steffan and Amie.

          Silver Merits Award - Luca.         

          Most Merits Award - Stefania and Jonathan.

          FAB award - Lucy.


Y4     Most Merits Award - Lilly.

          FAB Award - Ellvie.

          First Merits Award - Bella, Taylor, Evan and Noah.

          Bronze Merits Award - Abigail and Melody.

          Master of Maths - Maia.


Y5      FAB Award - Travis and Lily.

          Most Merits Award - Izzy.

          Master of Maths Award - Sami.

          Handwriting Award - Patrycja.


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