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St Thomas' Church Of England Primary School

Congratulations to Year 2 for having the best attendance in week 5, Autumn 2 Term!

HonestyKindnessLovePeacePerseveranceRespectSelf ControlThankfulness

Welcome to Year One!

Teacher: Mrs Mason.

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Greer.

PPA and Forest School cover: Mrs Stones (Wednesday and Friday morning).

Class Governor: TBC


Mrs Greer will be in class every morning and two afternoons a week.

Mrs Stones will be teaching PE, PHSE and RE.

Our PE days are Wednesday and Friday.

The children can change their reading book every day.  Please read daily and record in your children's reading record.

Year One will be taking part in Forest School during the Summer term.  More information will follow nearer the time.


10th December 2018


This week we are looking at words that make the 'oa' sound but they are spelt in an alternative way.  This week our spellings are:snowman, gold, post and colder. 

Some children have Christmas words to practise writing/spelling and these are: barn, star, sheep and tree. 




HOMEWORK- Children have been asked to design an advent calendar.  This will help children with naming and ordering numbers and I have provided number digits 1-24.  There is no set way to do this homework and you do not have to make doors.  A nice example last year was a snowman picture with numbers 1-24 placed on top.   You may want to add the month and the year to your calendar too.


7th December 2018


This week we have begun our end of term assessments, been practising our nativity dances, using 'busy finger' resources to help with our hand writing, painting our 'eco' tree parts and we have begun our 'Pudding lane' houses. 


3rd December 2018


This week our spellings are based on the 'Fire of London'. They are lane, London, fire and smoke.


Some children will have spellings based on their phonics 'er and or', fern, fork, kerb and corn.


Please can each child bring in an egg box and a cereal box (empty) ready for our Eco Christmas tree and our Pudding Lane models.  Any donations of tinsel would be greatly appreciated too. Thank you 


27th November 2018


Today we have been tearing, cutting, sticking and drawing a scene from 1666, 'The Great Fire of London'!

20th November 2018


Today in DT we have been exploring 'tabs' and 'levers'.  We have been making moving pictures using a push and pull action. 



20th November 2018


Today in Maths we have been counting coins i.e. 1p, 2p, 10p and 5p. We have made our initials then found out how much they would cost e.g.  Mrs Mason's C cost 12p in 1p coins and 22p in 2p coins. 



20th November 2018

Last week our library computer had a 'blip'.  Although it retained most information, we have a few library books missing i.e. still at home.  Please can parents check and return any to school this week.  We are missing: Alice In Wonderland, Planes Have wigs, Paddiwak and Cosy, Oliver Moon and the Potion Commotion, 108th sheep, Wanted! Have You Seen This Alligator?, Shark in the Park, Whale's Song, Nothing, Great Travellers and Explorers, Funnybones, Soccor Skills and Tactics and Winnie's Flying Carpet.   Thank you in advance for looking. 


19th November 2018


This weeks spellings are donkey, honey, blue and argue.  Some children are practising writing the words book, wood, fork and sort.  

Friday 16th November 2018

The steel drum lesson ended rather close to 3.20pm so the children were asked to pick up their homework sheet as they lined up. I have two left on my table and we will try and work out who went home without one.  The homework this weekend was to think about volume/capacity.  We used words such as full, empty, half full, nearly empty and quarter full. 



Today the school celebrated Children In Need!  We raised a whopping amount of money and Y1 enjoyed the games too.  

We have been talking about 'what' children might need around the country who are less fortunate than ourselves. We have also been doing some Pudsey Maths.



This week the children in Year One and Year Two had a morning entitled 'Experience Christmas'.  This was an interactive journey through the story of Mary and Josephs journey and the birth of Jesus!



This weeks spellings are phonics, dolphin, wheel and which (as in the question word). 

Some children are practising the words car, park, moon and zoo.


12th November 2018


Today we have been reading Julia Donaldson books, practising our pencil control, making firework pictures in ICT and making predictions in Guided Reading.

9th November 2018


Last session Y1 have been practising the drums with Mr Fox.  There will be a performance at the end of the term so watch this space!!!


9th November 2018


Some children in class have been given a 'funk finger' homework pack.  These packs are aimed at helping with fine motor skill development and this will also aid handwriting. Please return each Friday and a new one will be handed out.  Please ensure ALL pieces are returned.  Thank you 


9th November 2018


This weeks homework is to go on a number hunt!  Can you find some two digit numbers in and around your house? (Helpful hint- check books, food packaging, leaflets, your door number and paper.)

A two digit number is any number from 10-99.  You can record the numbers you find in your homework book and where you spotted them.


8th November 2018

Today in DT we have been exploring how we can 'fix' card to paper.  The children have been having a go and deciding which they like doing best.


8th November 2018


Today we have been making a story map for the Julia Donaldson story 'Zog'.  We have been using our own story maps to retell the story to a friend. We will be using the text to make our own dragons stories. 


2nd November 2018

This week in Maths we have been learning about patterns and numbers.  We have been using our Odd Tod and Even Steven rap to work out if a number to 100 is even or odd. 

Welcome back! 


Today we have been talking about friendship and linking them to our art.  We have used primary colours to make secondary colours (purple, orange and green).  We talked about how when we do something with a friend it can make something special, just like when we mix a colour we can make something special. 


Have a super half term everyone!  Homework for the half term is to read books, play games, go for a walk and if possible bake something yummy!  You can tell me about it in your homework diaries in whatever way you like.  Keep safe everyone!

 Year One Autumn 2 Topic Web

15th October 2018


Today we have been painting our penguins.  We have been using felt to add the white tummy and yellow beak.

12th October 2018


Please find the 'Cauliflower Cards' information inside your child's school bag tonight. There is a pink slip with information on too! The children have had lots of fun making their Christmas cards independently using hand and finger prints. 


11th October 2018


Today we have been observing our school trees and what happens to them in Autumn.  We have been recording our observations in paint and in words. We also used a magnifying glass and had a go at looking closely at things. We will observe the trees again in the next season.



9th October 2018


Today in Science we have been sorting sweets by using 'yes and no' questions.  We have recorded our groups in a branching diagram.  This is a skill we can use later in the week to help us sort carnivores, herbivores and omnivores.


The children have been making a Sukkot shelter with Mrs Stones in RE.  This is the Jewish way of celebrating harvest. The shelter is decorated with fruit and flowers. 


9th October 2018


This week we are learning to count in different ways.  Today we are focusing on counting in tens.  This will prepare us for our timetable work later in the year. We have been using the word digit to understand place value.


4th October 2018


Today we have been preparing our class planter for Winter.  We have been removing the weeds and old roots.  We have been digging it over and covering it to keep it warm and 'weed-free' until January.  We found LOTS of worms, a centipede and a woodlouse too!

Wednesday 3rd October 2018

Please can you send your child with a warm coat tomorrow as we will be gardening.  Also, if you have any toilet roll tubes please send them in.


The children have now begun changing their own books.  We will check the diary 3x a week to give merits for daily reading. Thank you for reading so regularly!  The children are really benefiting from all that practise!

1st October 2018- This week we have been learning to spell- play, today, beans and meat.  

Some children will have the words web, wish, chip and thin.


1st October 2018


Today we have been prodding, poking, rolling, squashing, twisting and pushing play-dough ready for making penguins out of clay.  We had to warm up our hands to help make the material more malleable. 

27th September 2018


Today we have been sorting and naming animals that live in hot and cold countries.  We have also been subtracting from ten in Maths using a dice and counters.  We can record a number sentence using the - and = symbols.

25th September 2018

Today we have been learning about the seven continents on our earth.  We have listened to a song, painted the oceans and labelled the continents. 


24th September 2018


This week the children have been given the words her, all, they and are to put in a sentence.

Some children have been given the words yak, zip, into and the to practise spelling.  Please check your child's purple book if you are unsure.


21st September 2018

Today in phonics we have been learning to read words with 'ou' in them We already knew the 'ow' spelling of the sound (grapheme) from Reception and now we know the 'ou' spelling of the sound too!  We have been sorting real words and silly words.  We had to sort words such as mountain, cloud, pound and proud!

Week beginning the 17th September- This week we are learning to spell we, she, be and he.  Some children will be learning I, go no and to.  

17th September 2018

Today we have started our 'shape' work in Maths.  We have begun using 'MEGA' Maths words such as curved, straight, corners and sides.  We made a shape person wall and played a game 'who am I?'.


Year One have been recording a story map using story language and actions! 

In Y1 we have begun making the characters  from the story Lost and Found. 


Today we have been learning to use a story map to retell the story 'Lost and Found' by Oliver Jeffers.  We have been using actions for the words and for the punctuation.


Next week Year One will be setting up its own vets!  We will be visited by a veterinary nurse on Monday who will be bringing a friend to show us.

Please could you send in a photograph of your pets if you have one!  Mrs Mason has a horse, two gerbils, 16 tropical fish and a dog so I have lots of photographs to find! If you need me to print a photograph of your pet i.e. you don't have a hard copy, then please email me at


Please can you send in two toilet roll tubes and an egg box for next week (ideally Monday if possible). We will be making the characters from our class text 'Lost and Found'. 

6th September

Today we have been thinking about what makes a good sentence ready for writing.

Ask your children what our actions mean!

4th September

Today we have been reading and ordering numbers outdoors.  We have been recording our work independently too!